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Free personals ads of people seeking new friends, love of the life, pen pals and those personals who share their interests and views. You can create your ad and write to other personals free of any charge.

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Brave, strong, and self-sufficient man!
echu_karl2019' online personals photo
 211 lb
echu_karl2019' online personals photo 2  
Important: My God and family
Happily married
Am am open minded, humble, simple, outspoken God fearing. Am proud of myself because at my age I have backup my masters in Computing and have two beau...
Looking for: I am interested in a God Fearing , a more mature, and a white woman from any country. She must be simple, respectful, loving God-fearing, and a go...
   Free personals ads, echu_karl2019
I am looking for someone really serious,
kind and with positive life attitude!
Frank Pascal Rwezaula' online personals photo
 240 lb
Frank Pascal Rwezaula' online personals photo 2  
Important: Having a woman in my life that I can proudly call her my wife and can call I her husband for life.
Growing old with my wife and creating a positive future for our kids and grandkids.
As middle age black male. In life i've had plenty of different experience but what catches my eyes so much is how the ocean floor is so deep and yet t...
Looking for: A woman that as open minded and can think outside of the box. Someone that I can sit with throughout my life and share anything without having boundar...
   Free personals ads - Kaizirege from Dar es Salaam
At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet
 166 lb
Important: Happy Family
Living in the same roof with love wife and kids
Looking for: I will like to meet God fear lady who is ready for better relationship and ready to be kindness to the family.And i will to meet lady from Caribbean I...
   Free personals ads - kurlar from Frederick
 155 lb
Important: Not Special
Be A billionire
Personal descriptions I consider myself as a hardworking and ambitious person . Business is a major part of my life , and so I spend most of the day R...
Looking for: Personal descriptions I consider myself as a hardworking and ambitious person . Business is a major part of my life , and so I spend most of the day R...
   Free personals ads - Rocks86 from Colombo
Write me
ann090' online personals photo
 126 lb
Important: serious looking
to find the right man
i am honest, compassionate towards all live creatures, brave, intelligent, responsible people who feel and think deeply. I would like to meet open and...
   Personals free - ann090 from Bakersfield
Meet the best girl! May be your girl
Mary' online personals photo
 124 lb
Important: My family
To find the love
I am open and clear in my relationships, all kind. I am loyal, faithful and affectionate. I have a deep, clear insight into nature and people. I am ...
Looking for: I'd personal say my respect for you to live the life you want. My appreciation for the small things that are over looked, and a positive attitude. ;...
   Personals free - marygold81 from Selma
Don`t doubt, believe and understand...
Riz' online personals photo
 133 lb
Important: Believing in myself
To be happy
Am proud to be who I am at the moment and working to be the best that I can be by growing in all aspect of life.I like my work because it involves ins...
Looking for: I am looking for a partner who is honest,sincere, understanding,willing to share her good and bad moments in this journey of life and believe in havin...
   Free dating personals - Riz from Nairobi
Attractive and full of surprises
Mzpearlisflyy' online personals photo
 166 lb
Mzpearlisflyy' online personals photo 2  
Important: God, Family and Health
To be married with children, take care of my family and house.
1 My strongest trait is my Personality. 2 I am most proud of being able to change people lives. 3 completing the US ARMY 4 God, my family and my sa...
Looking for: 1. 5 most important character traits; good sense of humor, integrity, loyalty, respect and goal oriented. 2 Some similarities would be wonderful, how...
   Dating personals free - Mzpearlisflyy from Los Angeles
Conquer my heart
florence mensah' online personals photo
 133 lb
Important: Most importantly love spending time with my pet,
. It is my dream to see and learn more
I try to be honest and sincere,i consider myself as an easy going, kind, caring, passionate, faithful, optimistic,adventurous, spontaneous, energetic,...
Looking for: I am looking for an intelligent, sincere, honest and stylish man. I dont care from what country you are, I want you to able to love the woman and kno...
   Personals free - flore from Amsterdam