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Date american women of different age groups, lifestyles, views on life and relationship. Search american woman by location and other criteria.

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Finding the right guy is hard, but I believe
 162 lb
Important: God and family
to find someone who loves me as I am
I am a current psychology student, I will be graduating with my BA next summer. I work in an automotive stamping factory as a Quality Technician. Th...
Looking for: The most important thing in a person that I am looking for is honesty. Without honesty, there is nothing. The second thing I look for in people...
   Looking for a date - sunsister from Knoxville
 171 lb
I am a very down to earth, peaceful person who has a calming influence on people. Sometimes shy, but occasionally funny, can be outgoing when I'm comf...
Looking for: Honesty and integrity are what I value most. I am looking for someone who is a spiritual person and who wants to share that with his mate. He must be ...
   Looking for - Marian from Fort Worth
To be or not to be?..
Maida E. Pedrez-Millan' online personals photo
 166 lb
Maida E. Pedrez-Millan' online personals photo 2  
Important: God, Family, Friends, Career
Find a loving partner
You can best describe me as a down-to-earth individual of integrity who is passionate about lifeone who gives 1000 percent in all I do. I am energeti...
Looking for: I would like to date an individual of who hates game individual of similar personal traits to mine....a man of integrity.
   Women looking for men - Maidy from Fort Myers