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Be with me honest...
Jane' online personals photo
 88 lb
Important: Seeking for serious relationship
Good Listener
I am cool llady and am looking for someone with a good personality and adventurous nature. A devout Christian, church going conservative. Enjoy cookin...
Looking for: Someone who is outgoing, respectable, honest, takes pride in themselves. Serious but takes time to smell the roses. Very open and adventurous. Drama f...
   Personals free - janeklel from Charlotte Amalie
All love is sweet
Orvil33' online personals photo
 293 lb
Important: My self
To fine the write person
Hello how or you am orvil from Jamaica single honest truthful love music animals party beach enjoy cooking going for walk with friend please fell free...
Looking for: Honest truthful careing people person
   Free dating personals - Kenz from Kingston
What is a real friendship - a single soul in two bodies
Important: my home and my job
to travel to another country other than the one that i live in
My strongest character trait is patien because I relize that impatient get a person nowhere, am most proud of my mother for bringin me into thi world ...
Looking for: Five most important I wish this person had are : trustworthy patient, kindness, humility, love. This person should have similiar lifestyle. Physical ...
   Looking for romance - kathy from
I am looking for someone really serious,
kind and with positive life attitude!
Vince' online personals photo
 200 lb
Important: Family,Friends and a Soul mate
Continue to enjoy life
Hi,I am Vincent Haynes,six foot two,200 pounds,an easy going Caribbean man living alone with 3 dogs in an old farm cottage in the rural parish of St.J...
Looking for: A fun loving lady from anywhere,who enjoys herself,who is comfortable with herself,who is looking for love and be loved by someone,must be financiall...
   Woman looking for a man - Vince from Bridgetown
In your case I`ll be glad to make an exception :-)
 173 lb
Important: my freedom, persopnal space, health, my spirituality and family
my lifes dream is to become a executive business man, and to be great within myself
am a very headstrong, cardinal, impulsive and fiery man, who is very masculine. am also very confident and proud within myself. i love to have my spac...
Looking for: my ideal partner would be someone with the same traits as me, freedom loving, some who is not clingy, who loves her own space. she must be honest, adv...
   Free dating personals - bruce35 from Montego Bay
Meet the best girl! May be your girl
 115 lb
Important: my family
to own a BMW
I am light skin,slim and tall so obviously I do modelling a little bit here and there,I also work part time as a cashier and attend nursing school am ...
Looking for: My ideal guy should be tall, light skin, loving and caring and lets not forget respectable.
   Free dating personals - toya from Kingston
I hope to meet you!!!
Soloman Dacosta' online personals photo
 311 lb
Soloman Dacosta' online personals photo 2  
Important: My Mom
To become a succesful Accountant/Business/Music Producer
I'm just a young individual who's striving to achieve and build a career and a better life.I love doing what i do,music,work but most of all producing...
Looking for: My ideal companion,wow.Let's say adventurous!!! I need someone with a great sense of humour,Funny,bright,ambitious,s..y,sweet,mindful,knowledgeable,d...
   Dating personals free - Producer from Kingston
shortbops' online personals photo
 160 lb
Important: to go for the goal you need and what your heart want
my dream one day to get marriage
i am avery handsome women open minding and honestly i love the job i do and like to cook and read a lot and you cannot walk over me and pay me fo...
Looking for: 1.some nice to say everytime we meet 2.yes 3.weight 4.yes not someone in them 80.5.nil
   Free dating personals - shortbops from Port-of-Spain
I'm really serious and I want to meet someone to marry
donnalee oconnor' online personals photo
 151 lb
donnalee oconnor' online personals photo 2  
Important: my mother and my daughters
My name is donnalee .I am a honest jovial fun loving person who loves to go places and meet new people. I love to read,dance,listen to music and go to...
Looking for: A honest ,kind gentle man to be there for me through thick and thin. Someone who listen, someone to love me as I love him ,someone who is not afraid ...
   Dating personals - chocolateskin from Kingston
Brave, strong, and self-sufficient man!
 191 lb
Important: Faith, Family
Be a decent moral person and treat others as I would like to be treated
I am a 40 year old divorcee who works globally and am now based in TT for an extended assignment. I am missing a close comfortable relationship with a...
Looking for: My ideal partner will be honest, open, adventurous, and have a sense of humor, all while maintaining moral values and a sense of self worth.
   Dating personals - Nels40 from Port-of-Spain
 144 lb
I lost my right leg but not criple, looking for someone who is willing to share her life with me and is willing to help me and is willing to understan...
Looking for: She must be lovely, carying cooking a must she will be free to go out but remembering the respect of home and respect herself and me
   Free dating personals - Libra from Willemstad
I need a man to show me how a
woman deserves to be treated
 188 lb
Hi my name is Carissa Everington i am 25 years strongest traits of character is that i am a very shy person who love to read a lot of romantic ...
Looking for: The 5 most important character traits a man suppose to have is Honesty, Respect, loyalty, cheerful, trust. Most man have the similar interests, lifest...
   Free dating personals - sexypurple25 from Christiansted
Attractive and full of surprises
 151 lb
Important: is me and my values and dreams
i'm self confident and strong minded. i'm honest and full of life.
Looking for: someone who is free to be who they are.
   Free dating personals - patty from Kingston
Love cures people - both the ones who
give it and the ones who receive it
 188 lb
Important: Family, Love, Education, God
Have a nice home, with a wonderful family.
I believe in being the best that one can be. I am a down to earth, easy going, humble, trustworthy, and kind type of person. I like to cook and ba...
Looking for: I am looking for someone who is kind and caring. Easy to talk to,and trustworthy. Easy going and share not all but some similar interest as I do.
   Free dating personals - Mario from Bridgetown
Cherish all your happy moments: they
make a fine cushion for old age
hayden' online personals photo
 171 lb
I am a very easy going individual.Life is not a rehearsal,you get one shot at it,so i try to make the best of it.I am very easy to talk to,so whatever...
   Free dating personals - smallman2020 from San Fernando
I am looking for someone really serious,
kind and with positive life attitude!
 146 lb
Important: To be loved
"I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me" I am loving, kind and easy to talk with. I love to meet people and travelling. I love chil...
Looking for: My ideal partner should be: 1 Honest 2 Loving 3 Health concious 4 Fun loving and adventerous 5. None smoker and alcoholic Amoung other things th...
   Dating personals free - Jamspice from Kingston
Erotic adventure
jason' online personals photo
 131 lb
Important: my babies
to travel the world
Looking for: Strait up guy I work really hard and I am looking 4 someone who loves life goes after what she wants , s..y,smart that's all any thing else feel free ...
   Personals free - scar504 from Port-of-Spain
For the first time!
 182 lb
Important: family friends and being healthy
to be be super rich
I am fun person to be around. I go out to make others happy.
Looking for: free spirited and wanna have a good time and enjoy life. no attidude
   Personals free - JAYNFL from Spanish
 137 lb
Fun loving and caring, just as sweet as can be. I've recently joined the chorale, but I enjoy running in my free time and the gym. I watch tv during...
Looking for: Conscientious, soft but strong, fun, loving and a sense of humour.
   Personals free - Juliette from Castries
I hope to meet you!!!
 166 lb
I am a quiet down to earth type person,who loves meeting, and making friends with other nice people like myself from other parts of the world.And drea...
Looking for: Someone nice,caring,down to earth,and trustworthy,and easy to get along with.
   Personals free - Rit from Nassau