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I need a man to show me how a
woman deserves to be treated

 I'm: Woman
 Country: Virgin Islands (U.S.)
 Seeking a: Man
 Looking for: Love, Serious relationship, Dating
 Marital status: Never been married
 Wish children: Yes
 Spoken languages: English
 Written languages: English
Carissa Everington
 Zodiac Sign:
153 cm (5'0.2")
85 kg (188 lb)
 Eyes colour:
 Ethnic Background:
4-year College/University
 Do you smoke?
 Do you drink?
Shooting, Auto (Motorcycle)racing, Football, Go-carting, Basketball, Biking, Jogging/running, Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Swimming, Bowling, Checkers, Paintball, Weight lifting
Forms of entertainments:
Camping, Shopping, Casino/gambling, Singing, Concerts, Theater, Travelling, TV, Walking, Outdoor games, Food&Drink, Playing cards
Computer Games:
Family, Shooters, Action, Fighting, Simulation, Adventure, Puzzle, Sports, Arcade, Racing, Strategy, Board Games
Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, Animation, Erotica, Thriller, Comedy, Fantasy, Detective stories, Horror
Reggae, Alternative, Rap
Animals/Pets, Hiking, Cars, Children, Collecting, Law/Jurisprudence, Sexology, Cooking
Dish: Rice&Chicken
Colour: Purple
Season: Christmas
 My personality: Hi my name is Carissa Everington i am 25 years strongest traits of character is that i am a very shy person who love to read a lot of romantic books. i am most proud of myself is that i am go to college. My major achievement in my life would be finish college and get a job in the field i study for. what i like in people is honesty and respect. I don't like disrepectful etc. The three to five things i can't live without is t.v, video games. I spend my free time home playing video games and watching a lot of movies and cartoon and just relaxing. My favorite movies are actions, horro, and comedy. I am not working right now. no i don't like to cook all the time. My most important thing in friendship is respect, honesty, that is my most important thing in my friendship. i want a man to love me for me. if i dress like a boy does not mean i like woman. i dress so cause i like wearing boys clothes but if i have to go somewhere nice i well dress in girl clothes.
 My dating match: The 5 most important character traits a man suppose to have is Honesty, Respect, loyalty, cheerful, trust. Most man have the similar interests, lifestyle but real and truely it does not matter as long as he know how to treated a lady with respect. Well his physical appearance does not matter i would love her for he and not his height, body weight, body shape, or hair color. The character traits i can't accept is disrecpectful, dishonesty from a man.
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