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Free dating personals, Spain

Discover Spain free dating personals with MeetingLand: free join, free search and free correspondence with other personals of the dating site.

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Independent, easy-going, tidy...
 168 lb
 Green Brown
Important: People I love
To visit another planet
Slim, tall, artistic and humorous creature. Wowww I won't describe myself! It could be too much. I'm vegetarian, I love music, travelling... I love to...
Looking for: I love free-spirit females. Would love to meet a sensible, humorous, open-minded female that love travelling, computers, music, health-food and free-t...
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Be with me honest...
Francisco Garcia-Torres' online personals photo
Important: Family
A simple life
When people meet me they believe I'm very serious, but they are wrong. It is a shell most of times to understand the other's intentions. I'm honest, n...
Looking for: Basically, I admire independence. Good sense of humor and willing to laugh. I like women who are fair but in order to fall in love with her there is o...
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pablo' online personals photo
 151 lb
pablo' online personals photo 2  
Important: Friendship, coherence, poetry, humour, nature & environment, free thinking, traveling
Two parallel lifes: one of a wanderer and one of a family man
I'm afraid I can't find anything too original about me. Just a man like any other, more superficial than what I'm ready to admit, passionate and emoti...
Looking for: I appreciate coherence, free thinking and common sense over all things, but I always happen to fall in love with women who are just the opposite; so, ...
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