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Be with me honest...

 I'm: Man
 Country: Spain
 Seeking a: Woman
 Looking for: Pen pal
 Most important
  things in Life:
 Life Dream: A simple life
 Written languages: English, Spanish
Francisco Garcia-Torres
 Zodiac Sign:
Diving, Skiing, Football, Golf, Surfing, Swimming, Sailing
Forms of entertainments:
Humor, Reading, Singing, Theater, Dancing, Walking
Computer Games:
Don`t play
Action, Documentary, Adventure, Thriller, Comedy, Detective stories
Jazz, Blues, Classical, Rock-n-roll, Opera, Tango, Flamenco
Animals/Pets, Politics, Psychology, Computers/IT, Medicine, Creative writing
Dish: Seafood
Colour: Blue
Season: spring
 My personality: When people meet me they believe I'm very serious, but they are wrong. It is a shell most of times to understand the other's intentions. I'm honest, nor that I have always been, it is something that you really need to build and it takes, mainly, a lot of pain but when you reach that state, you realize that there is nothing better. It doesn't mean that your life is going to be better, in fact I consider that many times, socially, you are avoided. It is not that they do not want you, it is that they fear your "skill", because you can say them what they do not wish to hear. Anyway, at the end, it does not affect at all. When they look for true, and there is moment when everybody looks for it, you are the person they want to be with. Unfortunately, actual love relationships are not based on this foundation and, then, they are not fully free to develop. Anyway, I do not blame anyone I am not trying any longer to accept only people who are my peers. You are the way you are, and if I do not accept it the problem is me not you.
Regarding my profession, I am a highly qualified Engineer but I have done all kind of jobs to reach this position. From kitchen porter, commercial diver, offshore NDT engineer, construction builder and many more. I like to keep learning new skills, it keeps me passionate about life although sometimes is overwhelming.
I cannot really say that I like this or that, well I know I don't like shopping, not in the way that I dislike to shopping, it is that if I do not wish one thing in particular, going to a mall just to consume is not filling up my life. I do not need things to fill my life. I would rather spend an evening at home or outdoors doing an activity rather than trying the consumerism to do it for me.
But I like movies
 My match: Basically, I admire independence. Good sense of humor and willing to laugh. I like women who are fair but in order to fall in love with her there is only one thing that I cannot fight: "True kindness". It is very rare to see it, many times you can observe some actions that they can be categorized as it but, they are not they always look for a payback of some sort. I've seen it just once in my life. She passed away but I still feel a smile on my face when I remember her. I miss that.
They must like animals, particularly, dogs. Specially the quiet ones such as Labrador retriever, I cannot stand high pitch voices or permanent barking, I guess it is because I am also a quiet person.
I know appearance matters, I am an active person (nor a Navy Seal but I like to do things) so I reckon that a person who is overweight too much, I can be friend but it is unlikely for me to fall in love. Although you never know.
As long as she is someone who loves life and likes to passion about new things, I can easily love that person.
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