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Aromatherapy for Astrological Signs

Aromas and aromatherapy take a great place in our daily life. The use of scent to alter health and well-being for the better has been around for centuries. Now, science has confirmed what men and women of old practiced for generations: scents have the ability to promote good physical, mental, and spiritual health. So if you have a problem with stress, anxiety, migraines, or the like, just use the applicable essential oil and you will feel yourself better in a moment. The only thing is that each of us will react to one and the same aroma in its own way. Every smell has a different influence on each of us.

The right oils for Taurus:

Patchouli, Rose, Apple, Cardamom, Ylang-ylang, Honeysuckle, Lilac, Magnolia, Thyme.


Contraindications to use of massage oils:

  • Do not use during pregnancy: basil massage oil, sage massage oil, wormwood massage oil, water mint massage oil, tansy massage oil, origanum massage oil, narrow-leaved lavender massage oil, cedar massage oil, hyssop massage oil, savory massage oil, fir massage oil, myrrh massage oil, angelica massage oil, oregano massage oil, carnation massage oil, thyme massage oil, cinnamon massage oil, juniper massage oil, parsley massage oil, thuja massage oil, rosemary massage oil, caraway massage oil, camphor laurel massage oil, garden marjoram massage oil, coriander massage oil.
  • Geranium and anise massage oils are not recommended for a long time use.
  • If you have excessive blood coagulability, inclined to formation of thrombus, then dont use cypress massage oil and basil massage oil.
  • Thyme massage oil, pine massage oil, fir massage oil, juniper massage oil, sandalwood massage oil and coriander massage oil are not recommended in kidney disease.
  • It is prohibited to take sun bath after application oflemon, orange or bergamot massage oils.
  • If you recently have had an infarct or insult then try to avoid coriander massage oil, pine massage oil and basil massage oil.
  • Dont make excessive use of the sandal massage oil.
  • Avoid sage massage oil and carnation massage oil being irritated.
  • It is undesirable to apply laurel massage oil not having consulted the doctor.

Attention! Dont purchase oil/massage oil from hands, from vendors at street fairs, craft shows, or other limited-time events, otherwise you risk to do much harm to your health.

Read about oils that reply to your sign of the Zodiac most of all:

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