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Marry Russian Woman

This topic was explained many times: foreigners marry slavic girls and take them away for oceans. But what is the reason of such a keen interest in Russian women? Why do all international dating sites simply overflowed by hot declarations of love and promises of foreign men? It turned out that there are weighty arguements!


1. Russian women are good mothers.

Unfortunately, there is a sad tendency in foreign countries: many girls don't wish to have children. They simply prefer freedom and living happily, as they say. The refusal to have children especially concerns business lady. Sometimes they even don't want to marry! Child is associated with responsibility, troubles and restriction of itself in many things. It is necessary to note, that in the CIS countries there is a similar tendency. But the reasons differ! Girls refuse to marry because they afraid of absence of means for the maintenance. Child is needed to be feed, well-dressed and taught. All this is very expensive for people of the CIS! Russian politicians tell about the falling of the birth rate but there should be done so many things first than russian women wish to stay in te native country. The Russian girl dreams of having a child since early childhood. She is ready to bear and take care of the baby without any nurses untill she dies. The only problem is in finding a good husband with worthy earnings.


2. Russian girls are excellent wives.

It means they are always ready to listen, to understand, and to support the husband. Just compare with foreign girls, who focused on the material side first of all.

Grigory, 32 years:

I am a sufficiently rich man and I had a romance with american girl. First, the photo and the original strongly differed. I think the program Photoshop helped a lot. Secondly, during the first our walk I felt like I am a money-bag. I heard basically the words I want, give me and buy me. I tried to begin a conversation on moral topics, tried to be romantic, but it was in vain. This walk was the first and the last for us.


3. Russian women are really good housewives.

Probably, this concept has remained only in slavic families. Both Russian and Ukrainian women wash and iron clothes, clean the house and decorate it in every possible way. However, don't hope that your wife will be engaged in it for days on end and without any modern means. They do not wish to be Cinderellas and servants. A foreign man should take it into account and create the most comfortable conditions for housekeeping.


4. Russian girls are the most beautiful

It's very difficult to dispute about this fact. Certainly, there are many pretty woman in USA and Germany, but not so much as in Russia and Ukraine. The world accepts this.


5. Russian girls are goddesses of cookery.

Foreign girls do not like to cook food. Moreover they often don't know how to cook the simple dishes! There are parlourmaids and servants for this case. But it is much more pleasant to eat a dish cooked by the beloved wife!

Lyudmila, 38 years:

When I was in America, I decided to cook a borsch. My american husband eat a half of the dish and asked to make something like that more often!


6. Russian woman is womanly and passionate.

Foreigners display all the man's spirit beside them. Communicating with them is easy and gives a lot of pleasure. There is no need to learn any special phrases in advance. Besides, slavic women are considered as one of the most passionate mistresses all over the world! The reason is in blood and mentality. That's why many men compare Russian women with Japanese geishas.


7. Russian girls can be spontaneous.

When you do everything according to the strict schedule, life becomes boring. The unexpectedness dilutes severe everyday routine. Sometimes she seems to be a mysterious book full of pleasant surprises. And you wish to read it every day. Such feature makes a russian woman more interesting and attractive! It's not necessary to arrange for dating. And sometimes you may go on a visit without any preparation. The only condition you must be a desired guest.


8. Russian girls are well educated.

In addition to fashion-magazines they read other literature too. And they are sincerely interested in absolutely different artists and writers! Sometimes they read even in a public transport.


We tried to describe the Russian woman in the way we see it and opinions of different people. Hope this will help you. The only thing: please remember that we don't say that all Russian women have the features described above. We say about the majority, not all Russian women.



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