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Fitness singles free trial, Middle East

Fitness singles free trial and free correspondence with other fitness singles from Middle East at MeetingLand web site.

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I am looking for someone really serious,
kind and with positive life attitude!
Amr' online personals photo
 182 lb
Amr' online personals photo 2  
I like to be free and wild sometimes and I am a shy as a wolf. I am intresred in learning languages and different cultures. I also like different acti...
Looking for: I am seeking a lady who amuse me by her beauty and wisdom. Most important, she has to have joyfulness and amiability in order to captivate me.
   Fitness singles - 33z from Riyadh
Catch me if you can :-)
yehya' online personals photo
 180 lb
yehya' online personals photo 2  
You can ask yourself some of the following questions: What are your strongest traits of character? What are you most proud of? What i...
Looking for: What kind of person are you looking for? Name the most important 5 character traits you wish this person had? Should this person have...
   Fitness singles free trial - yehyasob from Dubai
No limits.....
sweetsoca' online personals photo
 226 lb
Important: Jesus,The Lord ,Church,My family and peace of mind
To be truly happy and share my joy for life and love with one special women
Well im a very easy going type of guy. I love to travel as much as i can. I love just turning off all the light in my apartment so i can watch a long ...
Looking for: Im looking 4 a woman full of love with a heart to match, she must be more beautiful inside than she is outside. Someone who loves to give love as much...
   Personals free - sweetsoca from Kuwait
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