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Fitness singles free trial, Caribbean

Fitness singles free trial and free correspondence with other fitness singles from Caribbean at MeetingLand web site.

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shortbops' online personals photo
 160 lb
Important: to go for the goal you need and what your heart want
my dream one day to get marriage
i am avery handsome women open minding and honestly i love the job i do and like to cook and read a lot and you cannot walk over me and pay me fo...
Looking for: 1.some nice to say everytime we meet 2.yes 3.weight 4.yes not someone in them 80.5.nil
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 137 lb
Fun loving and caring, just as sweet as can be. I've recently joined the chorale, but I enjoy running in my free time and the gym. I watch tv during...
Looking for: Conscientious, soft but strong, fun, loving and a sense of humour.
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