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Fitness singles free trial, South Africa

Fitness singles free trial and free correspondence with other fitness singles from South Africa at MeetingLand web site.

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 153 lb
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Important: my health and sports
make 2016 olympics
im outgoing,i love my sports and chilling around and partying. im not judgmental to an extent. i dont do one night stands or just s... i love to cook ...
Looking for: i like blond guys with blue eyes :P but i still will go for any type of guy but not to be raciest no blacks plz. and 18-23 plz
   Personals free - luca from Johannesburg
Be with me honest...
 122 lb
Important: Love, Respect and Faithfulness
To be successful in life
I am very sensitive and very open. I am proud of my parents. I love my son so very much and I can't live without him. I hate people who use peop...
Looking for: I want someone who can be himself around me, feel free to talk or confront about anything. Similar interest Age 24 to 30
   Personals free - R&P_JK from Johannesburg
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