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Uilliam' online personals photo
 140 lb
Uilliam' online personals photo 2  
Important: Freedom and Love
someone to bring out the best in me; everlasting love
I am an honest person who's always open with my mind, I'm a curious thinker and love to talk about anything which passes thought. I'm kind and underst...
Looking for: More? although some of my flaws would be a vulnerability to becoming withdrawn, or worn down, or easily hurt and insecure in ways, I'm passionate w...
   Personals free - Uilliam from Derby
Cherish all your happy moments: they
make a fine cushion for old age
 177 lb
Life is so much about attitude and i find fun in most everything i do.I enjoy stimulating conversation,spending quality time with my ideal woman, beac...
Looking for: My woman ,have to be someone who is caring loving,fun,romantic,supportive no pretends,and she must have a warm heart.I dont want a perfect woman thoug...
   Free dating personals - tendly1 from London
Attractive, stable, independant...
denford A' online personals photo
 95 lb
denford A' online personals photo 2  
Important: Honest
To have admirable family
I am completely down to earth,and i believe life is about balance,treated, making the most out of the opportunities available to you,and being honest ...
Looking for: i would like to meet caring and loving woman here.
   Personals free - denford123 from Gloucester
Attractive and full of surprises
tiny1980' online personals photo
 137 lb
tiny1980' online personals photo 2  
Important: My kids
To have my own resturant/50 covers
Young ,happy and free loving like all sorts of music and goin out with friends, going to movies and eating out. I like running and going to the gym...
Looking for: Fun loving ,s..y eyes and big boobs Good sence of huma, and intrested in travaling and drinking PARTY GIRL...
   Personals free - tiny1980 from Derby
Conquer my heart
Sarah mcAndrews' online personals photo
 166 lb
Sarah mcAndrews' online personals photo 2  
Important: My happiness
To be loved and known allover the world for charity
I'm a nice person, a friendly lady. I get along with people pretty good. I'm a romantic, I'm sensitive, caring, warm heart, huggable, sweet, generous,...
Looking for: I'm looking for man who has similar interests, looks, race, religion, size, and age don't matter to me. I look for whats in the heart, not the outside...
   Personals free - trysarah from Wolverhampton
 91 lb
sensitive, fun loving fancy free.people pleaser. caring, scatty. To please me people are usaully caring and interested in everything! hobbies are mu...
Looking for: honesty, trust, sensitivty and imagination
   Personals free - Samantha from Aberystwyth
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