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Fitness singles free trial, Netherlands

Fitness singles free trial and free correspondence with other fitness singles from Netherlands at MeetingLand web site.

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Catch me if you can :-)
Adline' online personals photo
 124 lb
Adline' online personals photo 2  
Who Am I? I would say I am passionate, caring and easy to get along with (at least most of the time), optimist, and a goal setter. I am not perfect bu...
Looking for: I am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. I need to be able to trust this person with my whole heart, I have not found someone like ...
   Younger women looking for older men - adlinepil from Rotterdam
Conquer my heart
florence mensah' online personals photo
 133 lb
Important: Most importantly love spending time with my pet,
. It is my dream to see and learn more
I try to be honest and sincere,i consider myself as an easy going, kind, caring, passionate, faithful, optimistic,adventurous, spontaneous, energetic,...
Looking for: I am looking for an intelligent, sincere, honest and stylish man. I dont care from what country you are, I want you to able to love the woman and kno...
   Personals free - flore from Amsterdam
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