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Polyamory personals, Africa

Polyamory personals Africa are looking for like-minded polyamory personals for sex and friendship.

Seeking a   Men    Women
Age:   18-21    18-25    21-28    25-32    28-35    32-40    35-45    40-50    45-55    50-60    60-70    70-80    80-90    91+
Looking for a real friend
 155 lb
Important: Family, Employees and Business
To have good friends
   Polyamory personals - Barker from Monrovia
Attractive and full of surprises
 155 lb
Important: healthy livings
to enjoy life
Very kind, honest, sincere, frank, serious and broadminded
Looking for: persons with similar interets and openminded
   Polyamory personals - deva from Port Louis
Loving and joyful
 191 lb
We have been together for 5 years and married for 2. We would like to start with same room s.. with another couple, which means no swopping or touchin...
Looking for: We would preferably only like a married couple in a very secure relationship that wants to experience the same things ie. Same room s...
   Polyamory personals - Jhbcouple from Johannesburg
 155 lb
   Senior personals - subma from Nairobi
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