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Polyamory personals, Germany

Polyamory personals Germany are looking for like-minded polyamory personals for sex and friendship.

Seeking a   Men    Women
Age:   18-21    18-25    21-28    25-32    28-35    32-40    35-45    40-50    45-55    50-60    60-70    70-80    80-90    91+
Cherish all your happy moments: they
make a fine cushion for old age
 171 lb
Important: have fun!
retire rich
We are a couple that found out that having fun is great. we are very out going love to play cards, and video games and have extra curicular activities...
Looking for: we like to have extra female in bed we are not in to the whole you have to be hot we are normal ppl looking for fun females!!!
   Looking for - riders from Saarbrucken
Cheery person is looking for someone
 122 lb
Ischem sem paru dlja obschenija.Otwetim s Foto!
Looking for: Paru s kotoroj mogno budet realisowatj swoi i ih fantasii!
   Polyamory personals - Leka from Kaiserslautern