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Free online dating personals, Canada

Canada free online dating personals at our dating site is a free step to meet people online local and all over the world for different relationships.

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Brave, strong, and self-sufficient man!
 162 lb
Important: Family
Game Developer
i am really sick of online dating
Looking for: someone nice that hates drama
   Online dating personals - steve098 from Chatham
Catch me if you can :-)
Shara' online personals photo
 151 lb
Shara' online personals photo 2  
Important: My Childeren
To help educate the childeren of our future
Hey fellas what's up? Ok so lets see me and this online dating thing we've met before. We do get along cause I do find it interesting. I have learnt a...
Looking for: Ummm should I be honest or jump on the band wagon. The band wagon would be oh I just want someone to be good to me. DUH!! Of course we all want that b...
   Internet pen pals - i_ll_beurshorty from Ottawa