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Can't live without love
edres mohammad' online personals photo
 108 lb
Important: love and how i can get money
be engineur
One of my strongest personal traits is love and respect What I am proud of more than anything proud of my detractors The most important achievement ...
Looking for: The most important features of the person I am looking for are beautiful, gentle and practical I do not have to have a similar interest person Physi...
   Free personals ads - edresibb from Sanaa
A unique person
Mohammad Mjalli' online personals photo
 166 lb
I love photos, because the best thing is that it never changes even when the person in it does. Keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worr...
Looking for: someone who is honest and ready to have a family
   Free dating personals - IronGate from Dubai
I hope to meet you!!!
 155 lb
Important: I love my family
To have a perfect lady deep in love with me and raise a happy family together if possible
Am a real man with a big heart,am abit shy at the beginning but it gets better wen i get to know u. Am an African and am proud to be but am more int...
Looking for: Fill free to txt me i will reply as soon as possible plz
   Personals free - Izaaciq from Dubai
Don`t doubt, believe and understand...
 155 lb
Important: making friends and travelling
have aswwet girl to be my girl friend and have alos of mony if i can
my names basel i wants to have afreinds from israel and palestine and iam searching for love and buty girl to be my sweety i dont care about israel a...
Looking for: i hope to be buty free cleaver and like me
   Dating personals free - bassel from Jerusalem
Be with me honest...
Zaid26' online personals photo
 166 lb
I'm a simple man looking for a kind girl for dating who knows maybe for marriage in future
Looking for: simple and cute
   Dating personals - Zaid26 from Amman
Alone heart
Dawud' online personals photo
 175 lb
Dawud' online personals photo 2  
Important: truth, respect, love
am straight man, I love all people dosen't matter of their religion, am proud of my self because I never harm or hurt any one before, i cant live wit...
Looking for: am looking for person who care of me, love me, respect me and that what am looking for, I don't care if that person have similar interests, and I don'...
   Personals free - Dave from Amman
Erotic adventure
 166 lb
Important: To be healthy and to enjoy life
To live long and be fit
We are a couple trying to get new experience. I dislike people I cannot trust while I can give anything to the ones I trust. I can't live without my f...
Looking for: My ideal partner is my girlfriend because she like what I like and she want what I want. The partner that me and she are looking for is someone we can...
   Free dating personals - Nikol10 from Famagusta
I am looking for someone really serious,
kind and with positive life attitude!
 180 lb
Important: religious
serious, religion interest, quit all my normal life, as reading studies,..., for healing people for free. i can't have a normal personality, because ...
Looking for: same as my intersted. if you know about a sick human being that the science has no solution, the sick wants the HOLY GOD THE FATHER OF JESUS, pleas...
   Personals free - habenhasheni from Ashqelon
rashika alvis' online personals photo
 177 lb
rashika alvis' online personals photo 2  
Important: not be cheated in a relationship and should be serious...
to be a happy father and a husband
I'm a simple outgoing loving and careing guy who's lost in love and a relationship. .. and I don't wanna it to be repeated in my life.... so if ur ser...
Looking for: A lady with Honesty..loveing..careing..who will support me in all aspects..who never cheat me on the relationship..who will accept me as I am..well es...
   Personals free - rash123456 from Hawalli
 162 lb
Am an outgoing guy, who believes that life should not be boring, and fun should not be confined in old institutions, but should be sporadic and free. ...
Looking for: Beautiful, outgoing an explorer who is not afraid to venture.
   Free dating personals - Sikiza from Dubai
Let`s have fun together!!!!
Sami' online personals photo
 133 lb
Important: to be happy
not yet
simple and freindly and make ppl lught cant describe ma salf gurl try me and who is lucky lol contact me for further info
Looking for: am looking for relationship and dating girls
   Dating personals - Sami_24 from Masqat
Attractive and young at heart
mustafa ahmed al sahfi' online personals photo
 200 lb
Important: Respect and honesty in words and deeds
Find happiness no more
I am a reasonable person balanced learner too, my ambition has no limits as long as I am blessed with life, i love traveling a lot, I am not married a...
Looking for: In fact I am a member of the site for two reasons The first dating to the exchange of information The second I am looking for my partner in life
   Free dating personals - ibraham143 from Jiddah
Attractive and full of surprises
 115 lb
Important: God then Family
Quit work and have a family with the man I love
Well, I love humor and enjoy the company of people of a good sense of humor. I had enough of drama during the last few years. I'm smart, workaholic, a...
Looking for: I would like my partner to be smart, caring and loving. I would like him to show it, not only keep it to himself and willing the accept me the way I a...
   Free dating personals - akaitsme from Hawalli
I am looking for someone really serious,
kind and with positive life attitude!
Amr' online personals photo
 182 lb
Amr' online personals photo 2  
I like to be free and wild sometimes and I am a shy as a wolf. I am intresred in learning languages and different cultures. I also like different acti...
Looking for: I am seeking a lady who amuse me by her beauty and wisdom. Most important, she has to have joyfulness and amiability in order to captivate me.
   Fitness singles - 33z from Riyadh
Catch me if you can :-)
yehya' online personals photo
 180 lb
yehya' online personals photo 2  
You can ask yourself some of the following questions: What are your strongest traits of character? What are you most proud of? What i...
Looking for: What kind of person are you looking for? Name the most important 5 character traits you wish this person had? Should this person have...
   Fitness singles free trial - yehyasob from Dubai
All love is sweet
 137 lb
Important: every thing important
meeting woment
always in my office for business, always online by internet , looking for women to meet , for dating , if i find my partner we can talk about that ,...
Looking for: have good soul , feminine face ,
   Online dating personals - sameralbuhai from Hamah
Keep it simple
 171 lb
Important: Honesty, family and good friends
I like to play and watch sports, Drive or take a walk, hang out with my friends and family, watch movies, basically anything good and fun. I am curre...
Looking for: I would like to meet someone that has similar interests as I do and love to enjoys life!
   Dating personals free - sultan from Beirut
All love is sweet
 133 lb
Important: family
live in peace and have lots of s...
yong free and single.
Looking for: down to earth.
   Personals free - sinbadboy from Lemesos
No limits.....
sweetsoca' online personals photo
 226 lb
Important: Jesus,The Lord ,Church,My family and peace of mind
To be truly happy and share my joy for life and love with one special women
Well im a very easy going type of guy. I love to travel as much as i can. I love just turning off all the light in my apartment so i can watch a long ...
Looking for: Im looking 4 a woman full of love with a heart to match, she must be more beautiful inside than she is outside. Someone who loves to give love as much...
   Personals free - sweetsoca from Kuwait
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