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Free dating personals, Yugoslavia

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Honest relationship
 244 lb
Important: friends, family, community, fairness, knowledge
a united and fully equal humanity
I'm a post-graduate student of philosophy, former high school teacher and permanent theoretician and activist. Love films, books, computer games, good...
Looking for: That's always hard to tell and life often surprises you.
   Personals free - FilipSac from Belgrade
Strong, clever and sexual man
Milos' online personals photo
 200 lb
Milos' online personals photo 2  
Important: Sport,friends,family
I dont have,I am realistic
1.Traits of character :persistence,vigorous. 2.What are you most proud of?-I finished study 3.What is a major achievement in your life?-Good li...
Looking for: 1. Name the most important 5 character traits you wish this person had?It is not mater. 2.Should this person have similar interests, ...
   Personals free - Miki from Belgrade
 177 lb
Important: harmony understuding
harmonz in the world
My strongest traits of characte harmony, understanding I want to helping people major achievement in my life are helping hungry make me happy love,...
Looking for: most important 5 character traits are harmony understanding,naivetu,stability,helping Physical appearance is any age is doesnt matter traits of cha...
   Personals free - braca from Belgrade
I hope to meet you!!!
 153 lb
Important: Freedom
Somone who like travel, music, nature, very join in small things and I like when can see a horizon in people, Also very interest for me is some old c...
Looking for: Mybe:-), someone who have similary interest things, that like sea, ocean, some women which have free soul.
   Personals free - moon from Belgrade