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Free dating personals, Venezuela

Discover Venezuela free dating personals with MeetingLand: free join, free search and free correspondence with other personals of the dating site.

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 133 lb
Important: Spend a Spring Season in Japan and go back to Rome with a partner
I am prooud of my self and my familiy. I am a strong woman, but sensible. I guess that we never achieve all we want, but iti is necessary to enjoy lif...
Looking for: I expect a not complicated man, responsable and profesional. Someone who likes to share with friends from time to time and love traveling like me. I ...
   Personals free - Mercy from Caracas
The best and most beautiful things in the
world can be only felt with the heart
Julio Moros' online personals photo
 171 lb
Julio Moros' online personals photo 2  
Important: Inner peace, family, to create wealth (not just compete for it), honesty, health...
contribute to develope sustainable systems: permaculture, alternative energies, for a better life qu
My way to improve myself is walking toward my goals, and conquering my dark sides, as i found them in my way. Love is reach peace before any experien...
Looking for: I would prefer meet her working in some common proyect, not just dating. Is important for me, that she gets along well with her family. She is very sm...
   Dating personals - julius0007 from Caracas
Nata' online personals photo
 155 lb
Important: My life itself
Live a peaceful life near the ocean
My live is based in freedom and adventures. I always try to get alone with everyone around me, I respect people. I have done a lot of things in my ...
Looking for: Someone who respect life(nature, other people, cultures, etc). An honest guy with good values and feelings. Sporty and healthy. Free, very free. Open ...
   Free dating personals - freesoul from San Cristobal