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Free dating personals, Poland

Discover Poland free dating personals with MeetingLand: free join, free search and free correspondence with other personals of the dating site.

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Hope to meet my love before the world ends
Chris' online personals photo
 177 lb
I'm 23 old man from Poland. Actually I'm studying. Am I looking for a marriage? Maybe, but still not sure do I want that, so for now I am looking fo...
Looking for: For sure there is no ideal people on this planet, but I am looking for someone who will accept me, accept my way of life, and other things i'm doing. ...
   Personals free - Hexor from Olsztyn
Love Ocean
didersw' online personals photo
 186 lb
didersw' online personals photo 2  
Important: family, health
Intelligent with a sense of humor :) nice guy, who knows what he wants from life. I am 183 cm tall, slim but not thin, rather muscular. I have blonde...
Looking for: Dream of a good thing :) sure of self-esteem, and the rules .... still looking for her...
   Pisces men, didersw from Krakow
Meet the best girl! May be your girl
 155 lb
My strongest traits of charackter are honesty and sense of humor. I am mostly proud of the history of my country. I do not like not sincere peaple. I ...
Looking for: The ideal person should have the similar interests.
   Free dating personals - adam07 from Warsaw
All love is sweet
Ilona' online personals photo
 126 lb
 Green Brown
Ilona' online personals photo 2  
Important: love, family
I am a persevering, honest, ambitious. I am studying landscape architecture. It a lot. When I have free time I like to walk with friends to parties, c...
Looking for: My partner should be honest, loving and with a sense of humor.
   Personals free - Ilona from Lublin
Kasia' online personals photo
 131 lb
Kasia' online personals photo 2  
I'm a dreamer:) I like to laugh, I like visiting new places, meeting new people. I don't like boredom, because of this I have to do something all th...
Looking for: Somebody who can take care of me. With who I can share my sorrows and joys :)
   Personals free - Maltia from Wroclaw