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Conquer my heart
 122 lb
Important: Family, friends, my dreams, my life
To be a bilingual teacher
I like people that don't judge others by the way they look. When I have free time I like to read romantic novels, take a walk, watch a good movie. I...
Looking for: I would like someone taller than me, loyal, honest and fun. This person can't be more than 4 years older than me, also he should like to exercise.
   Personals free - Mena from Irapuato
Alone heart
 135 lb
 Green Brown
Important: Family, work, dog, love
Im a proactive, hard worker, funny, stubborn, lonely and charming person. I spent most of my free time at the office, I sometimes feel that is beca...
Looking for: My ideal partner is exactly that: a partner, with whom you can add up the same objective of life: happiness, everything else, comes with it. It will ...
   Personals free - kanika from Tijuana
Spock' online personals photo
 204 lb
I'm a free man looking for excitement and enjoying the pleasures life offers. At the same time I am a very careful and mature person, but that doesn't...
Looking for: A kind, good looking woman who can spare a friendly relationship involving s.., who enjoys life but not ina hedonistic way.
   Dating personals free - Spock from Mexico
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