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Free dating personals, Israel and Palestinian Authority

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Don`t doubt, believe and understand...
 155 lb
Important: making friends and travelling
have aswwet girl to be my girl friend and have alos of mony if i can
my names basel i wants to have afreinds from israel and palestine and iam searching for love and buty girl to be my sweety i dont care about israel a...
Looking for: i hope to be buty free cleaver and like me
   Dating personals free - bassel from Jerusalem
I am looking for someone really serious,
kind and with positive life attitude!
 180 lb
Important: religious
serious, religion interest, quit all my normal life, as reading studies,..., for healing people for free. i can't have a normal personality, because ...
Looking for: same as my intersted. if you know about a sick human being that the science has no solution, the sick wants the HOLY GOD THE FATHER OF JESUS, pleas...
   Personals free - habenhasheni from Ashqelon
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