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Free dating personals, Ethiopia

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A unique person
 186 lb
I am very honest person and I always went to enjoy my life by dating with my colic by making s.. occasionally. I am happy if i got a person who like m...
Looking for: My Ideal partner will be my girl friend and i am always happy to be with her day and night
   Free dating personals - Tesfahun from Addis Ababa
Catch me if you can :-)
hawassa' online personals photo
 111 lb
hawassa' online personals photo 2  
Important: to be good for human beings or animal
to be an airplane pilot
Am very sociable and loyal.i am free from anyaddiction.hard to reading.believing in solving problems with palaver.and crazy about helping ...
Looking for: He must Loyal.honesty,hard worker,s..y,sociable,free for addiction,funny.does care about what ever people said about us,if he can't do that i promised...
   Free dating personals - jerry from Addis Ababa
 177 lb
Important: Loyality
Successful Rich man
I am energetic,free for discussion and easy for approaching people; i am also like to discuss free with people
Looking for: Energetic,free for discussion,smile and free to taik and understand peoples thought
   Personals free - Beki from Addis Ababa
Strong, clever and sexual man
 137 lb
 Blue Gray
Important: Studing some University course
Living in America
I am flexible an highly communicated person..i am always happy and spend my free time by reading.
Looking for: She live in America and she can travel me to live in America. her age from 27-36 year,age is no matter. she must medium height and weight no matter
   Free dating personals - Abrham from Dese
Hope to meet my love before the world ends
tariku ashenafi' online personals photo
 142 lb
Important: built civilized and educated family
going to America to get education and job opportunities.
I never stop learning and working until i die even if i am enough richest. i am proud of being an Ethiopian.she is land this year i.e 2017,i...
Looking for: Being honesty and respecting each other is the main points between friends.admiration is also basic for good relationship.
   Free dating personals - tarre from Addis Ababa
Hope to meet my match here
 135 lb
Important: To lead happy life
I dislike lie openness and free discussion are the most I like .believing in God s willingness and accepting mishap in its good side
Looking for: That the one believe in love .educational status above high school. And the one that accept my personality not my qualification. And the one that have...
   Personals free - Sun from Addis Ababa
Be with me honest...
Samsom gizaw' online personals photo
 155 lb
Samsom gizaw' online personals photo 2  
Important: To gat true marrid
To get true marrid
My character is i thinkn it is good and my major achivement in my life is to get true marrid and olso i can't live without true love, job,and to imero...
Looking for: Intremese of name does't matter it can be any name ok? Actualy all intrerste my partener is not similar ok but something must similar but for me doe...
   Personals free - Sami2727 from Addis Ababa
All love is sweet
 131 lb
i am free to meet girels
   Free dating personals - getis from Addis Ababa
Be with me honest...
Misgun' online personals photo
 115 lb
Important: salvation through Christ, happiness, care for family and the needy...
Hello folks. I'm here to see if there may be someone lonely and sincere to walk together as far as the will of God. Togetherness is good. Anybody who ...
Looking for: Well, my ideal partner is a lady who is OPEN MINDED, physically charming especially when she smiles ( LOL), a lady with sense of humor... There's a l...
   Free dating personals - Gladsome from Addis Ababa
Be with me honest...
Dasie' online personals photo
 137 lb
Important: live life in peace and securit
I like to read book ,enjoy with freind,work hard. I want to learn MA degree
Looking for: I need lovely girl which her createria no money. I want health girl particularly free from s..ual trasmintion deases.
   Personals free - gugsa from Addis Ababa
Tom' online personals photo
 144 lb
Tom' online personals photo 2  
Important: Family!
To have the happiest family on earth!
Have sense of humor I am proud of myself for winning some of the ups and downs that I did experience in my life and remain strong enough. Achievements...
Looking for: The woman that I am looking for is the one who has got a beautiful smile, happy, loving, caring optimist about the future, who would like to spend eac...
   Personals free - Tom from Addis Ababa
Kind-hearted, honest, cheerful and...
 162 lb
Important: Health
I am optimistic, hardworking and have been successful in my career. As mush as possible, I try to be busy on weekdays since I don't like sitting idle...
Looking for: I like to see a women who is open minded, humorous, sociable, honest and understanding.
   Personals free - Nebil from Addis Ababa
Be with me honest...
 160 lb
I do not like to be the tail of the others with any circumstance, I am proud of the creation of nature,I want to be the strongest of all in my working...
Looking for: I want a women who gives love,affection, honest , believe with open discussion , optimist, rational thinker and smile face. I want a women who keeps h...
   Free dating personals - estie from Addis Ababa
Alone heart
 126 lb
i am s..y ,loyal,honesty,want enjoying.....i spend in my free time sometimes at home,sometimes at cafe,and at cinima...and the most important thing in...
Looking for: honest,lover,s..y,like helping people,listenner and polite...having similar interest or not doesn't matter i hate liers...
   Free dating personals - Missonegaya from Addis Ababa