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Dating personals, South America

South America dating personals give you a totally free opportunity to meet personals for dating and love. Advanced search enables to browse all personals and choose only those who are looking for dating.

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The best and most beautiful things in the
world can be only felt with the heart
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 171 lb
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Important: Inner peace, family, to create wealth (not just compete for it), honesty, health...
contribute to develope sustainable systems: permaculture, alternative energies, for a better life qu
My way to improve myself is walking toward my goals, and conquering my dark sides, as i found them in my way. Love is reach peace before any experien...
Looking for: I would prefer meet her working in some common proyect, not just dating. Is important for me, that she gets along well with her family. She is very sm...
   Dating personals - julius0007 from Caracas
 222 lb
im from chile , seeking a girl to dating and marriage if she loves me i can leave my country if i find my princess
   Dating personals free - Jordan from Temuco