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Girl looking for a man from Kazakhstan

May be this girl looking for a man from Kazakhstan like you. Join the site, look through girls and contact the right girl for you.

Liya at free online dating site

To be or not to be?..
 124 lb
Important: To remain itself
I am a philosopher, misanthrope, childfree and I can say that for me the gothic soul and live out of illusions and stereotypes.
Looking for: The law of universe says of that a like attracts a like. This man will be as astral twin, alter ego..
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Tabbrizia at free online dating site

Friendly and Caring
tabbrizia' online personals photo
 122 lb
tabbrizia' online personals photo 2  
am simple, dont put on make-up and i smile a lot. am cheerful and fun to be with. am also honest, caring and down to earth person. what more can i say...
Looking for: am looking for you. just be yourself.
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Katerina at free online dating site

Looking for new feelings... :-)
 117 lb
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