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Girl looking for a man from Brazil

May be this girl looking for a man from Brazil like you. Join the site, look through girls and contact the right girl for you.

Sarah at free online dating site

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet
 111 lb
Important: to meet my husband
would like to meet someone who is a strong personality, kind, honest, smart, positive thinking, with a good sense of humor. Who is always even-tempere...
Looking for: I am looking for a man who will be ready to spend time outdoors. As a reasonable person with very good reputation I am very easy to deal with and like...
   Looking for - sarah4god from Sao Paulo

Gabriela at free online dating site

Clever and beautiful woman
 193 lb
Important: God, Family, career
Travel around the world
Law student, with a big heart. Waiting for a good husband, who can support me and also love me, always trying to grow up together, as a family.
   Looking for a husband - Gabriela from Curitiba