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Online Dating for women, page 3

MeetingLand provides online dating profiles - a progressive way - for single people, who need love, friendship, sharing the happy moments of Life. There are so many different dating tips and advices for those who want to meet a woman or a man online for serious relationship. We can say, that the most important thing is your strong belief that you'll find your special someone, and it doesn't matter where it is: online, in the street, in the disco-club, or in your office! You shouldn't stake all your hopes just on the Internet, because it is one of the many opportunities to find the love of your life, yet it is a BIG one, as it considerably increases a probability of meeting Mr. or Miss. Right.


Online dating for woman

Austine flourish at free online dating site

Austine flourish photo at free online dating site
 211 lb
Austine flourish online dating photo 2  
Imp.things in Life: I love to change life for the kingdom of God.
Life Dream: Life saver
Am a very simple person, I love to listen and give people the chance to be who they want. I might not be perfect but it getting better in my character.
Looking for: I need a partner that has a heart of humanity,having heaven as a key goal
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Razumov Konstantin at free online dating site

Razumov Konstantin photo at free online dating site
 128 lb
I want to marry an American girl or a woman older than age Not important Your beauty and kindness to live in America have a family of children to be happy I myself am in Russia and I am lonely here.
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Waruna Ihalage at free online dating site

Friendly and Caring
Waruna Ihalage photo at free online dating site
 166 lb
Waruna Ihalage online dating photo 2  
Imp.things in Life: Freedom
Life Dream: Live with smile always
I am very simple, fun loving person who like to live with a smile. wanna be have more friends from all over the world & communicate with them...Age,color,Religion, S..ual Orientation,distance is not important for true friendship..
Looking for: Wanna have nice, caring, fun loving girl..
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Randy Yasha at free online dating site

Active and cheerful :-)
Randy Yasha photo at free online dating site
 128 lb
Imp.things in Life: Fun and love
Life Dream: Become a businessmen
Fun loving caring person who is not taking everything more series. Like to live happily in every moment. Like to do more experiments. More s..y. Kind hearted. This is me.....
Looking for: Joyfull widowed devorced or any other lady doesnt matter but financially stables who is not getting love, care and fun..
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PAAKELLY at free online dating site

Let's meet each other and have
thousands of happy moments
PAAKELLY photo at free online dating site
 115 lb
I am a very honest gentleman, kind hearted, God-fearing, hardworking, sincere, faithful and open minded. I do enjoy going to beach a lot and also meeting new christian friends.
Looking for: I wish to meet a serous christian woman who is sincere, honest, faithful, kind hearted, God-fearing, very independent and between 45-60 years of age.
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James kwarteng at free online dating site

All love is sweet
James kwarteng photo at free online dating site
 177 lb
James kwarteng online dating photo 2  
Life Dream: Prosper
I am humble love and respect
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Eric Dwobeng at free online dating site

Eric Dwobeng photo at free online dating site
 133 lb
Imp.things in Life: My family
Life Dream: Business man
Looking for: I'm looking for a woman who is God fearing irrespective of age.
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Shane at free online dating site

Take time to play...
shane photo at free online dating site
 235 lb
shane online dating photo 2  
Imp.things in Life: definitely family
Life Dream: happiness drama free
im an outdoor person definitely . love hiking running and working in the yard. i like going out to bars and movies with the right company. like to laugh and not take things so seriously all the time. also like to stay at home sometimes and chill with the right person.
Looking for: someone that is drama free . someone to relax with and has the same interests . but im not closed minded and open to lots of new things .. love hispanic women .
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Joe at free online dating site

Hope to meet my love before the world ends
Joe photo at free online dating site
 177 lb
Imp.things in Life: my wife
Life Dream: to a better father
Am honest kind friendly good understanding mature open minded caring and loving dark guy.
Looking for: seeking for a good understanding mature caring and submissive lady
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BD at free online dating site

BD photo at free online dating site
 262 lb
Imp.things in Life: Knowledge and Wisdom
Life Dream: Walk in my destiny
Im adventurous person when i want to achieve my goals im very also curious. I like the fact i can hear from the creator.i love water/ocean learning and opportunity.i like people that are naturally genuine and sincere. Have a since of humor and csn actually know the dept of a person, who they really are. I dont like people with bad alterior is about living your true purpose, and making life better. My free time you cant go wrong with the beach. I like history chsnbel a...
Looking for: I covered almost everything except age. Which can range from 25 yrs to just over 50 yrs of age.
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Still single? Feel alone? May be you'll find the reason of your loneliness here and this will help you realize, what is wrong and think how to change the situation.


1. Pessimism, hesitation. You think: "What if..." For example, "What if I just look stupid by asking... or by doing...", "What if I love but he won't?", "What if he won't like my figure?", "What if I won't be able to control my feelings..." Change your thoughts! If you doubt all the time, your soul hides in the farthest and darkest corner of subconsciousness. You should think about future - about things you want. The life is a long way of self-perfection. Each of us has some negative features, but it's silly to wait until you become the Best and then start searching your Love. The most pleasant and important thing about Love is it's openness: you browse thousands of dating profiles, suddenly you see one photo, read the text of the dating ad and suddenly realize - you feel that he or she is the person you were looking for. We often love people with our heart, not with our mind, and not only for the good features but also for "bad" features. There are spots even on the Sun. The are no ideal people on the Earth. Charming flame must burn between you. Not the flame of war, but the flame of love and understanding. Stop Worrying! Go ahead! Love and appreciate yourself! If you don't love yourself, nobody will do it! Improve yourself every day and put your best features on the first plan.


By the way , if you are really so shy than online dating is just for you!


2. Lazyness - you just don't do anything. For example, you hope that dating site will help you meet a beautiful single girl or a real Man. You placed your ad online and wait for messages from others. Just imagine: if everyone just register a profile online and wait until someone will write a big heartful message!? Does anybody will meet anybody? You know the answer. You've got the stuff to think about.


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