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Online Dating for women, page 12

MeetingLand provides online dating profiles - a progressive way - for single people, who need love, friendship, sharing the happy moments of Life. There are so many different dating tips and advices for those who want to meet a woman or a man online for serious relationship. We can say, that the most important thing is your strong belief that you'll find your special someone, and it doesn't matter where it is: online, in the street, in the disco-club, or in your office! You shouldn't stake all your hopes just on the Internet, because it is one of the many opportunities to find the love of your life, yet it is a BIG one, as it considerably increases a probability of meeting Mr. or Miss. Right.


Online dating for woman

Lang123 at free online dating site

Cherish all your happy moments: they
make a fine cushion for old age
Lang123 photo at free online dating site
 144 lb
Lang123 online dating photo 2  
I am Aristide, aged 30 and presently living in Cameroon, Africa. I want to make new friends in different parts of the world and that is why I am writing you . I am a Christian, very simple and open minded . I love reading and singing . I have even written my own songs that are very lovely to listen . I will like to know more about you , and if there is anything you will like to know about me,don't hesitate to ask me,especially about my country . Looking forward to reading from you shortly .
Looking for: I am looking for somebody who is open minded and who is willing to make new friends.
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CHURCHILL OMONDI OPORO at free online dating site

Attractive, stable, independant...
CHURCHILL OMONDI OPORO photo at free online dating site
 168 lb
Imp.things in Life: socialization and career growth
Life Dream: living in America and marrying a white
I am a humble,sometimes quiet but can be very talkative at times.Am always loving and caring,very focused in my undertakings.Am very proud of having changed my social status my humble background notwistanding.I have managed to assist my siblings through their schooling.Its had for me live without Good S..,Ugali and a loving partner.I am irritated by people who complain very often for even small issues.I love people who speaks freely and openly,mostly I love honesty.My life philosophy is to bette...
Looking for: I long for someone who is humble,honest,understanding,outgoing and focused. Similar interests are preferred but not a must,a common ground can alwayd be reached.This person should be tall,or medium height,should be medium in body size,slim or good body shape.Hair should be white and white in complexion.Age should not matter.I hate rude people and nagging.
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Jobaer at free online dating site

Attractive and full of surprises
jobaer photo at free online dating site
 137 lb
Imp.things in Life: I will get soon
Life Dream: Success
I am very social and easy to approach
Looking for: Should be serious and God fearing
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Alex at free online dating site

Alex photo at free online dating site
 173 lb
just hit me up am lonely
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SafOne at free online dating site

SafOne photo at free online dating site
 175 lb
SafOne online dating photo 2  
Imp.things in Life: God first, integrity, trust and honesty
Life Dream: Dreams are to be pursued, I'm looking for a God fearing woman I can love and will love me in return
I'm an easy going person, have learned a lot from life, and what it really means to be a true man. I work hard, work out, play sports, love quad riding, hiking in the Atlas mountains. I love all types of music, and enjoy cooking a dellicious home cooked meal at time, bar b que. Most important to me is each day is a new day to start again and make the most of this life. Humility and gratefulness is key. Don't hold onto yesterday.
Looking for: I'm looking for a simple yet awesome woman who knows how to enjoy life. A woman who is not perfect, but is laid back, forgiving, loyal, and has integrity and is strong enough to know when a man gives her his all. I trust you like to hike, and are into sports, travel, swimming, quad riding, camel back riding in the desert, and what ever else fun you want to do. I love a good bar b que on the roof top.
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EmmaUG at free online dating site

All love is sweet
EmmaUG photo at free online dating site
 88 lb
EmmaUG online dating photo 2  
Imp.things in Life: My family to be
Life Dream: A stable, merry and healthy family.
Am a cheerful, hardworking, handsome and down to earth charming gentle man living in JINJA city seeking a reliable companion and a friend to spend life with. only a faithfull one can reach me for a colourful love!
Looking for: Am interested in a beautiful angel thougth not perfect abit tall with s..y curves and committed to a longterm relationship leading to marriage atleast eighteen to thirty years no racism any one ready to fall in love with a ugandan boy is welcome
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Philip Ashaley Tetteh at free online dating site

I`ll become your BEST friend!
Philip Ashaley Tetteh photo at free online dating site
 137 lb
Imp.things in Life: Career, Religion and Family.
Life Dream: Be a Soldier.
I am driven by zeal and passion. I am hardworking and very versatile. I believe in fairness and equality for all persons. I am proud of how are turned out. I am morally upright and I believe in quality upbringing of children. Swimming and roller skating is what I do to keep fit. And I dream of a military career.
Looking for: American, Canadaian,Australian, Spanish or from New Zealand. Aged 23-27 Understanding,supportive,hardworking and kind. Loves children,loves dogs and interested in swimming or willing to learn how to swim. Pretty, slim, sleek. Tall about 5 feet 6 inches. I don't like nagging women.
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Abe at free online dating site

Honest relationship
abe photo at free online dating site
 160 lb
Imp.things in Life: family
Life Dream: to share my life with my wife and family and evangelism
Honesty,sincerely,loving and hard work
Looking for: Loving,care,supportive,loves swimming and good in bed.
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Ayoola at free online dating site

A unique person
Ayoola photo at free online dating site
 133 lb
I am very simple, caring, straight forward,loving but I don't allow anybody to down grade my personality!!!!!
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Lulu526 at free online dating site

I'm an easy-going, cheerful and sociable person
lulu526 photo at free online dating site
 140 lb
Imp.things in Life: my mental and charater growth as a man plus my family
Life Dream: early retirement with full self sufficiency
simple and easy going seeking something really simple and genuine
Looking for: simple and genuine but intelligent, i love a woman that can challenge me for the better
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Still single? Feel alone? May be you'll find the reason of your loneliness here and this will help you realize, what is wrong and think how to change the situation.


1. Pessimism, hesitation. You think: "What if..." For example, "What if I just look stupid by asking... or by doing...", "What if I love but he won't?", "What if he won't like my figure?", "What if I won't be able to control my feelings..." Change your thoughts! If you doubt all the time, your soul hides in the farthest and darkest corner of subconsciousness. You should think about future - about things you want. The life is a long way of self-perfection. Each of us has some negative features, but it's silly to wait until you become the Best and then start searching your Love. The most pleasant and important thing about Love is it's openness: you browse thousands of dating profiles, suddenly you see one photo, read the text of the dating ad and suddenly realize - you feel that he or she is the person you were looking for. We often love people with our heart, not with our mind, and not only for the good features but also for "bad" features. There are spots even on the Sun. The are no ideal people on the Earth. Charming flame must burn between you. Not the flame of war, but the flame of love and understanding. Stop Worrying! Go ahead! Love and appreciate yourself! If you don't love yourself, nobody will do it! Improve yourself every day and put your best features on the first plan.


By the way , if you are really so shy than online dating is just for you!


2. Lazyness - you just don't do anything. For example, you hope that dating site will help you meet a beautiful single girl or a real Man. You placed your ad online and wait for messages from others. Just imagine: if everyone just register a profile online and wait until someone will write a big heartful message!? Does anybody will meet anybody? You know the answer. You've got the stuff to think about.


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