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Honest relationship

 I'm: Man
 Country: Switzerland
 Seeking a: Woman
 Looking for: Love, Serious relationship
 Marital status: Divorced
 Wish children: May be
 Spoken languages: English, Portuguese, German
 Written languages: English, Portuguese, German
Marc Vin
 Zodiac Sign:
183 cm (6'0")
78 kg (173 lb)
 Eyes colour:
Blue Green
 Ethnic Background:
Caucasian (White)
4-year College/University
 Do you smoke?
 Do you drink?
Basketball, Biking, Jogging/running, Mountain climbing, Weight lifting
Forms of entertainments:
Reading, Camping, Internet/Surfing the web, Concerts, Dancing, Travelling, Food&Drink
Computer Games:
Don`t play
Action, Documentary, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller, Comedy, Detective stories, Western
Rock, Classical, Rock-n-roll, Country, Pop, Electronic
Gardening, Reading, Cooking
 My personality: First of all, I am very thoughtful and empathetic. I am generous with myself and with others, and I believe in putting in lots of effort to build solid foundations whatever I do.

I have always been one to believe in myself and put my heart and soul into my work, my hobbies, and my passions. Iíve lived in different countries and I think Iíve taken the best parts of each of them and tried to add them to what constitutes my behavior. I reflect a lot about my relationship with the world, and vice versa, and always strive to be a better version of myself.

Nowadays, I live a very comfortable life in Geneva in Switzerland. I enjoy amazing wines and local cheese. I am very much into living a very healthy lifestyle, and I love to visit farmers markets and wild fish markets, etc, and really spend time cooking my meals from scratch. I love taking spontaneous road trips to see different things - a new city, a new restaurant, a specific new market, a hike, a picnic, a barbecue... the list goes on, but the main thing is that I have an adventurous spirit, and I love to have lovely days of exploring and enjoying nice tasty things, especially in France!

I am quite athletic, but not excessively so. I love the feeling that being for gives me, and the feeling of a hike in nature, or a jog through the city.

I love my job, and it affords me lots of space to have financial freedom and also freedom to choose where I work from, so I have many different possible plans of where I want to settle, but since I grew up in the US I believe that is where I want to make my long-term, permanent home.
 My match: My ideal partner is a woman who has thoughts and an imagination and an inclination towards wondering about the world!

After all, there is so much to discover and yet there is so much nuance in every discovery. I do not think two people must have all their interests shared, but itís nice when for at least one or two of the other personís interests, the first person is at least open minded to try them.

There is a lot to discover in the physical world, but I spend lots of time also in the world of books and ideas. I would love to be able to talk about different topics with someone, and kind of explore ideas together.
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