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At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet

 I'm: Woman
 Country: USA
Los Angeles Region: California
 Seeking a: Man
 Looking for: Marriage, Love, Serious relationship
 Marital status: Never been married
 Wish children: May be
 Most important
  things in Life:
honesty and loyalty
 Life Dream: optimistic
 Spoken languages: English
 Written languages: English
Matha Mills
 Zodiac Sign:
178 cm (5'10.1")
65 kg (144 lb)
 Eyes colour:
 Ethnic Background:
 Do you smoke?
 Do you drink?
Fitness, Football, Basketball, Jogging/running, Swimming
Forms of entertainments:
Reading, Dancing, TV, Fashion show, Walking, Food&Drink
Computer Games:
Fighting, Puzzle, Sports, Role Playing
Action, Documentary, Drama, Animation, Comedy, Detective stories
Reggae, Religious, Classical, Rock-n-roll, Country, Pop
Antiques, Business/Finance, Psychology, Cars, Reading, Cooking
 My personality: I am looking to establish a meaningful, fulfilling, monogamous relationship with a very special man and not perfect because no one is perfect. During my current life experiences I am finding out that there are a lot of men out there, who want the same thing, but are not ready to receive the same thing. Before you can ask for someone to come in your life, you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself "Are you what you seek". If you want someone fit, are you fit. If you want someone rich, are you rich. If you want someone to love you, can you love them.

My experiences are showing me that most men want it, but can't give it. Before you contact me or anyone else, you need to be happy with your self. So if you are juggling the career, family, friends and want to start a relationship then I suggest you go to the NSA section because it's not going to work (at least with me). And if you find a woman and it seems to be working with your pre occupied schedule then she is more likely seeing you and someone else and am not of that type.
If you go out on a date and your phone rings more then three times, and its not a family emergency then your friends properly want you more then you want a woman. And if your phone is constantly ringing all times of night, then you may be to busy to be in a relationship and that is very true.and if you are reading this and at this exact moment you have less then $50 cash in your pocketbook, then your aura of prosperity is limited. Because I don't want the get a call from you, telling me you are late to our date because you needed to go by the ATM so that you could get $10 for the wallet...ha ha ha ha ha it sounds funny .you sometimes need to entertain your partner.and this is just a beginning of our joke.dont take this serious because i like most time to entertain my partner to keep him happy and smiling at all times of the day and night.
And even though I would prefer a man with or without children, the deciding factor is how does your children affect your dating. If they need to call you when out, or you need to be home at a certain time, or you can't take an imprompt weekend trip without major planning then it will not work with me.you need to be your self .
And if you are a person that uses racial slurs or hates on other ethic groups, or used a curse word in the last 24 hours (Except if you were expediting something very pleasurable) then it will definitely not work with me.Now all the points I discuss above, I apply to myself first. I am very comfortable with me. I love adventure, I am very spiritual and genetically gifted. God has given me an abundance of physical and mental capabilities. I am wise beyond my years and I am a very shrewd business person with that rare combination of book and street smarts. My education has given me great financial freedom and the ability to understand many subjects. I am very goal oriented, very generous, and my sense of humor allows me to laugh every day(sometimes out loud, which really scares people). I meditate every morning and try to enjoy every moment of every day.
 Marriage match: Someone with a good sense of humor.A self respect person and knows what it takes to understand a woman.Someone with a good moral and has value for his woman.
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