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I`m cheerful and purposeful person

 I'm: Man
 Country: USA
Olympia Region: Washington
 Seeking a: Woman
 Looking for: Marriage, Love, Serious relationship, Dating
 Marital status: Never been married
 Wish children: Yes
 Spoken languages: English
 Written languages: English
paul braford
 Zodiac Sign:
186 cm (6'1.2")
74 kg (164 lb)
 Eyes colour:
 Ethnic Background:
Caucasian (White)
4-year College/University
 Do you smoke?
 Do you drink?
Aerobics, Football
Forms of entertainments:
Dancing, Travelling
Computer Games:
Action, Documentary, Musical
Blues, Country, Pop, Rap
Business/Finance, Reading, Modeling/Wood cutting, Computers/IT
 My personality: I am a down-to-earth guy and I enjoy being around others who are too. Laughter is a key to my life. Is it for you? I try not to take myself too seriously. I am easy-going and try to take things in stride. I am very ambitious and motivated, I have got lots of goals, dreams and aspirations, and yes it would be nice to have the right woman by your side to help and support each other through life's trials and tribulations. I can be a person of contrasts...focused yet fun-loving; ambitious yet amicable. I work hard at my profession and try to excel in most everything I do. I am financially stable and take pride in being dependable. I seek to always keep things balanced; this includes regular exercise to stay in shape physically yet not forgetting to also stay in shape spiritually. Being honest is extremely important to me and I try to be transparent with people that I am close to. Having a friend or two which you can totally be yourself with and know that they accept you and you accept them is priceless to me. I had never been a believer of this way of meeting people, i guess i am just giving it a try now because of the amazing stories that i hear about it now and how magical it could turn out. So if you would like to reach and know me more, you can please hit me at my user name at the Y place. I really hope you can figure that. I am not always here, just giving it a try like a said. I am usually very busy and do not get all the time to get on the site, so it would be lovely to read from you from my email. I get to check that all the time so replying you over there would be very easy for me plus i can also get back to you with more photos of me.
 Marriage match: SO WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR: An honest, sincere person with a good heart. A woman who has her life together. A woman who is emotionally and financially stable, a sure footed woman that knows what she wants but yet is very loyal and devoted to her spouse. Some key characteristics I m looking for: Humor, you gotta love to laugh, it keeps your soul young/ Intelligence, it's great to be on the same playing field and able to discuss shared views, a woman who can just stand there and doesn't even notice that everyone around her is looking at her because of the way she carries herself, charisma/Adventurous, someone who is not afraid to try different things and go different places, someone who believes in a higher purpose, someone who likes to help others, someone with a large kind heart and good demeanor/Beauty, someone who is attractive inside and outside, you want to be with a person you are proud of and that you are physically attracted to. I know beauty is only skin deep but you want to be with a person with whom you are physically attracted to also. I am not talking about shallow Hal style here either. Look these are just a few traits I'm looking for, It's hard to write down who you are and what you want, a lot of it is just good old fashioned chemistry, some times we click, sometimes we don t.
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