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Kind-hearted, honest, cheerful and...

 I'm: Man
 Country: USA
Bradenton Region: Florida
 Seeking a: Woman
 Looking for: Marriage, Friendship, Love, Serious relationship
 Marital status: Divorced
Boys: 1 25 (ages list)
 Wish children: No
 Most important
  things in Life:
Faith, Love, family, freinds, Listening and playing music. thrift stores. garage sales, interior dec
 Life Dream: The Love of one women to walk through life with.
 Spoken languages: English
 Written languages: English
 Zodiac Sign:
176 cm (5'9.3")
72 kg (160 lb)
 Eyes colour:
 Ethnic Background:
Caucasian (White)
Non-denominational Christian
High School/Secondary school
Upholstery and Drummer
 Do you smoke?
 Do you drink?
Martial Arts
Forms of entertainments:
Humor, Internet/Surfing the web, Singing, Concerts, Museums, News&Media, TV, Walking, Playing cards
Computer Games:
Don`t play
Action, Documentary, Musical, Adventure, Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Fantasy, Tragedy
Animals/Pets, Photography, Antiques, Playing an instrument, Psychology, Modeling/Wood cutting, Collecting
Dish: Sesame Chicken
Colour: Blue
Season: Fall
 My personality: I am not a party peson like drinking, running around in bars, games of dating. I am old fashion is a lot of ways but I am really unorthodox in ways of thinking about work and getting money for common house hold needs. I like home. I have worked from home for 30 years. I do not seek lots of money but I never go in debt for anything. I want and need a women companion again. I do not like single life . I was married most all my life.. I'm considered cleaver , practicial, but odd because I think and do things outside the main boxes. I love the 1960's and the Beatles and all those bands back then. I like feminin girls. I do not like sports.
 Marriage match: I知 looking pretty much for the opposite of what痴 supposed to be cool these days. I知 looking for a women who is low maintenance and loves being feminine. I like people more than animals and trees, (not everyone does) and think an intimate monogamist relationship is better by far than single life. (SEE, I TOLD YOU I樽 WEIRD)I知 looking for a women who is done traveling or looking for a party life. I知 a man that would never put you on hold to watch a stupid football game or ANY sport ever. I知 not real competitive. I would never lose sleep or peace because I知 not number one in any game or job or what ever. I do participate, and want to do that, but being the trophy winner is not necessary. I知 looking for a women that believes love, home, family and kindness is what brings the most joy. (is that nuts or what???)I hope to find a women who is really thankful to God for what ever lot in life your in and makes the very best of it. If you feel your basically a happy person who just wants to share it with a man, I would really like to meet you. I have a cracked sense of humor and laughing is a big deal to me. Laugh a lot, love a lot and be each others number one. I知 a slow paced person by choice. I think time is worth more than money. I don稚 care anything about your money or lack of it. Can you really BUY friendship and love and commitment? If you have down to earth values and like to get comfortable in a long term relationship, thats what I知 like and want too. I read stuff on lots of profiles that say things like 溺UST LOVE DOGS! and I think what in the world makes dogs so important? I like dogs and cats, but 的 HAVE TO LOVE THEM to meet you? LOL. I know, I知 old fashioned It痴 true. Hey old fashioned girl, are you out there anywhere or are they really all gone? I only want one. I do have one rule though and it is a reasonable one. 添OU MUST LOVE HUBCAPS or don稚 even bother writing me!! hahaha. Oh that stuff just cracks me up for some reason.
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