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Conquer my heart

 I'm: Woman
 Country: United Kingdom
Salford Region: England
 Seeking a: Man
 Looking for: Friendship, Serious relationship
 Marital status: Never been married
 Wish children: Yes
 Most important
  things in Life:
Happiness, Success, God and My Family(both my future Family)
 Life Dream: Living a life without anything to worry about.
 Spoken languages: English
 Written languages: English
 Zodiac Sign:
168 cm (5'6.1")
56 kg (124 lb)
 Eyes colour:
 Ethnic Background:
Caucasian (White)
4-year College/University
Currently Unemployed
 Do you smoke?
 Do you drink?
Golf, Basketball, Swimming
Forms of entertainments:
Reading, Camping, Concerts, Theater, Dancing, Museums
Computer Games:
Adventure, Sports
Action, Documentary, Adventure, Drama, Thriller, Comedy
Blues, Rock, Classical, Country, Pop
Dish: Yokshir P/Oyster/Sta
Colour: Sky Blue
Season: Summer
 My personality: I've come to a point in my lifetime where I get to know my capabilities, my flaws and my exhibitions, it's either been observed from public remark or from personal findings, and I'll definitely have to say that I'm proud of my personality and that keeps the smile on my face glowing no matter how much someone tries to weigh me down. I'm very simple, passionate and emotional, I tend to feel for people around me more than I feel for myself and it really makes me wish I could rule the world so I can make everything perfect, where everyone wears a smiling face and would never have anything to worry about. I love expressing myself and it helps me gain relief at all times and no matter the consequences of my actions and still make sure that peace reigns as I love a stressfree condition. I'm hardworking and a good listener also, I love teaching people and let them know their flaws so they could take corrections and not go through problems anymore, as well as I'll love to be told my flaws also so I won't die early(lol). I'm understand most considerate in crucial matters, I love have fun and engaging myself in out-going activities once in a while, I love laughing so watching funny acts is really a plus, I love music and I enjoy listening and singing along, mostly female artists, like pop and soul or RnB. I love classical too, and rock or salsa when I feel like dancing. I love going to the beach, going to the bar, pub with only a company, I can't go alone, I love camping but it's been a while since I camped though, and that was during my second year at Surrey Uni. I like learning, and also exploring too, I guess thats why I get really inquisitive at times. Wow......I could go on and on, I just don't want to bore you with my sick description. But I also want to let you know that you never get bored when you're with me.
 Perfect match: It's gets more difficult when it comes to giving the description of my ideal partner, but I guess I can give a few hints. I just love a guy who knows what he wants and goes out for it, someone who doesn't feel contempt with what he has, except what he has doesn't deserve him, then he should definitely let go, a guy who's not afraid to express his feelings and would go an extra mile to get what he wants. Gentle, suave, passionate, understanding and hardworking. Every man I guess needs Confidence to be Called a Man!
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