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Alone heart

 I'm: Woman
 Country: USA
Casper Region: Wyoming
 Seeking a: Man
 Looking for: Serious relationship
 Marital status: Never been married
Boys: 3 (ages list)
Girls: 2 (ages list)
 Wish children: May be
 Most important
  things in Life:
my children and i have a 3 rd on the way
 Life Dream: buy a house and take care of my kids give them the life they deserve
 Spoken languages: English
 Written languages: English
 Zodiac Sign:
161 cm (5'3.4")
57 kg (126 lb)
 Eyes colour:
 Ethnic Background:
Caucasian (White)
High School/Secondary school
i do laundry in a retirement home
 Do you smoke?
 Do you drink?
Out of Sport
Forms of entertainments:
Bars/pubs, Humor, TV, Food&Drink
Computer Games:
Action, Drama, Comedy
Rock, Rock-n-roll, Country, Pop
Dish: pizza
Colour: blue
Season: summer
 My personality: i am very proud of my two most great kids to me , and my unborn child too. i would not trade them for anything in this world. my most achievement i made in life was working to support myself and graduated high school. i could not live without my two babies that i have and the people who surround me with love witch is my family and friends. some of my pet peeves are when people lie to me or do something and tend to keep it from me till i find out, that is my biggest problem. well i would not change a thing cause if i did i would not be who i am today u have to be happy with who u are so other can like you for you too. i spend most my time with my kids other at home or out paying bills lol. i like my job alot i been there for two years and the people i work with are great. every one has there moments when there job gets on there nerves though. i do not like cooking i attempt here and there though. my friends are there thik and thin it dont matter how much we hang or talk, it matters tht when u reallly need them they are there in a flash and willing to be by ur side no matter wht the problem may be.
 My match: i want a man tht can work and be able to spend time with a family. a happy out going man tht isnt afraid to not be with his friends every day have time to spend time alone with the person he is with, and enjoys being around kids. i want a guy who can make me feel good no matter wht happens to me in life. a guy who can tell his friends no once in a while. say hey i think im gona stay home spend time with my family. maybe we can get together in a few days. i want a man tht can hold a job and be responsible. i want him to beable to support himself so i know tht im not gona be taking care of him and my kids too lol. body type not sure not exstreamly big though. i want a guy round bout age 25 too 31. i dont like to be second to any one unless its tht persons kid. i want to be his world not his second hand .
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