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A single man Igorangelov19 is seeking a nice woman for marriage.

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Alone heart

 I'm: Man
 Country: Macedonia
 Seeking a: Woman
 Looking for: Marriage
 Marital status: Never been married
 Wish children: Yes
 Most important
  things in Life:
 Life Dream: to find a woman of my life
 Spoken languages: English, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian
 Written languages: English, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian
 Zodiac Sign:
182 cm (5'11.7")
90 kg (200 lb)
 Eyes colour:
 Ethnic Background:
Caucasian (White)
High School/Secondary school
hotel worker
 Do you smoke?
 Do you drink?
Skiing, Basketball, Biking, Swimming, Tennis
Forms of entertainments:
Humor, Reading, Travelling
Computer Games:
Don`t play
Action, Comedy
Pop, Top-40
Dish: meet
Colour: blue
Season: summer and spring
 My personality: .first at all i want to apologize for my poor English but i hope so you will understanding me.my name is igor angelov I WAS BORN AND LIVING IN VELES,REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA.I THINK YOU NEVER HARD ABOUT THAT,BUT MACEDONIA IS THE SMALL COUNTRY IN SOUTH OF EUROPA,OR FIRST COUNTRY NORTH FROM THE GREECE.i am 5-11 and a half and 198lbr.a work in my town who is call veles as a receptionist in one small hotel,in my country everything is small my town have only 45.000 population,macedonia 2.200.000 population.i live in the house with my parents, i never married,i dont have any children,i was born in may-21-1975,so i 34 years old i never use smoke,any drugs,i drink only red wine and beer but usualy in weekdays,i love to ride a bike,and i live as a sportsman.i ride almost 10-15 miles per days,i am not in relationship almost two years,i have only one sister who is younger than me but she is marri allready,and she live with her hasband in a flat in same town as mine,in veles.and i was work on two ships in 2001 and 2002,and i travel with first 80 percent of the europa,and with the secounde i was travel from aruba,bahami,mexico,
 Marriage match: miami,charlston(nort h carolina)till baltimor(marylend),a nd for that time i like so much usa after my finish work on the ship i was take usa turistic vissa and i come to live in los angeles from june24,2002 till august19,2002.i was live in aflat of my uncle in 1427 north martel avenue,apartment 4 in central hollywood.but i didnt find love of my life and that time i need to back in macedonia.so,i dont know what can i tell you more,and if you have some questions,or if i like you a little from my first imppression send me some massage sweaty can you tell me what are you doing for living,are you in relationship for now,e.t.c. more interesting for you.i read careful your letter and i can tell you me to lokking for some kind of woman.to be hohest,careful be good mother and wife and i will got back to her twice than she give me.i look to the marriage as a organizations where hosband and wife can build together the home,family,and child helping each other when is needet someone of them help,helping each other when is somebody have financial problem,helth problem,when they getting older also they need to helping each othe. but unfortunatly here in macedonia i didnt find some kind of girl,almost everyone its loving you if you have money,they didnt have any respect ig somedays you have problem,if you are in bad mood,if you have some problem at work place,if you have some helth problem,they didnt have time for you in that kind of time.for that reason i desision to didnt looking for local girl anymore.
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