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At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet

 I'm: Man
 Country: USA
North Miami Region: Florida
 Seeking a: Woman
 Looking for: Friendship, Serious relationship, Pen pal, Dating
 Marital status: Never been married
 Wish children: May be
 Most important
  things in Life:
Becoming the one thing I always wanted to be when I grew up. A movie director.
 Life Dream: Find my one and only true love.
 Spoken languages: English, Spanish, Italian
 Written languages: English
Joel Rodriguez
 Zodiac Sign:
178 cm (5'10.1")
92 kg (204 lb)
 Eyes colour:
 Ethnic Background:
4-year College/University
PC Repair Technician
 Do you smoke?
 Do you drink?
Shooting, Fitness, Snowboarding, Surfing, Paintball, Underwater, Weight lifting
Forms of entertainments:
Humor, Reading, Theater, News&Media, TV, Playing cards
Computer Games:
Shooters, Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Strategy, Role Playing
Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, Erotica, Thriller, Comedy, Fantasy, Tragedy, Horror
Alternative, Metal, Rock, Disco, Electronic, Popular, Techno&Ttrance, Top-40, Rap
Psychology, Home improvement, Reading, Computers/IT, Cooking, Philosophy
Dish: I try anything once.
Colour: black, red, blue.
Season: winter, summer.
 My personality: I am kind and gentle. I like to talk when I am bored. Also, I'm an understanding person so I know when I need to back off and give someone their space. Making someone laugh is something I am good at whether it's at me or with me (whatever it takes to cheer a person up). I have a big heart ( which I unfortunately have come to regret because I've been hurt bad ), but without a doubt it is who I am. To me love is basically "friendship on fire" and that is the way I have always seen it as. Whether the love has faded afterwards I hope we can still be friends and have trust in eachother. This is the kind of guy I am or better yet this is the way that my mind thinks.
 My dating match: Someone that cares about me and can share the same interest in making the relationship work out. Even if it's a serious one or just a friendly one. I don't want to have someone that likes everything that I like too. I understand the phrase of "opposites attract". I just only wish to know a girl that I can talk too and befriend. A person that even after a relationship has taken place and faded I can still come to with a trust and bond that still IS strong. Love is a hard thing to understand and there are rough times ahead which I've undortunately have come to experience lately. She needs to be a loving and kind person on the inside and out, but strong and fearless. Someone I can depend on and can learn to trust me enough to depend on me.
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