Looking for friends - Elena_Grace from Winnipeg

Elena_Grace would like to meet people to talk with. Worldwide is ok

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Friendly and Caring

 I'm: Woman
 Country: Canada
Winnipeg Region: Manitoba
 Seeking a: Man
 Looking for: Friendship, Pen pal, Dating
 Marital status: Never been married
 Most important
  things in Life:
Family, Friends, Dreams, and Having Fun
 Life Dream: Travel the World, Live in Italy for at least a few months
 Spoken languages: English
 Written languages: English
Elena Grace
 Zodiac Sign:
172 cm (5'7.7")
87 kg (193 lb)
 Eyes colour:
 Ethnic Background:
Caucasian (White)
Roman Catholic
High School/Secondary school
University Student
 Do you smoke?
 Do you drink?
Out of Sport
Forms of entertainments:
Bars/pubs, Humor, Reading, Camping, Shopping, Travelling, Food&Drink
Computer Games:
Simulation, Strategy
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Tragedy
Country, Popular
Animals/Pets, Astrology, Creative writing
Dish: Chicken Parmigiana
Colour: Don t Know
Season: Late Spring
 My personality: I am Italian. I grew up in a big house with my two older brothers and younger sister. My parents divorced about 2-3 years ago, and we moved to a much smaller house, not far away.
I go to University, but I don't know for sure what I want to be. I'm pretty much at an age where I'm still finding out who I am. I'm pretty mature for my age, so I've been told.
I enjoy computer games, going to the bar and hanging out with friends, and volleyball (although I don't really get to play much anymore). I am totally a geek, and not afraid to admit it. I like shows like Joan of Aradia, and have been known to watch Star Trek from time to time. I also love things like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I love board games and Disney movies.
My dream is to live in Italy for at least a few months. I love to travel, but sadly do not get to do much of it anymore. I also love to ski in the mountains, (Banff, etc.) and camp.
I'm a pretty down to earth kind of girl, who isn't really into "name-brands" and stuff like that. I like to make new friends, but in person I am usually painfully shy, until I get to know someone.
 My dating match: Wow, a "partner". . . well, in a guy. . . let's see. I guess he shouldn't be older than about 23. I don't care too much about physical appearance, but he should take decent care of himself. Put a little effort into looks, but not too much of course. Um, financial situation doesn't matter to me too much either. If he's well off. . . good for him. . . if he's not, it really doesn't affect me. I just want to meet people who are down to earth, caring with a good personality. Making me laugh is always a bonus. It's not that I'm here to meet "Mr. Right", I'm also definately not here to meet "Mr. Right Now" either. I'm just here to meet people. I like to talk to new people and learn new things. I love it when a guy tells me something interesting that normally wouldn't come up in normal conversation. (Within reason of course) I also love to talk about my family and friends, and am always up for a discussion about religion and things like that.
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