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Flowers for every Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign has good and bad points, and the corresponding flower essence will help to bring out the good and tone down the bad points. Find flowers (in a western horoscope) that will help you and your soul mate become better. The flower could be your valentine flower.

ariesAries zodiac sign    March 21 - April 20

Geranium, begonia grandis, dwarf pomegranate - small, azalea, gardenia, aechmea fulgent or fasciated.

taurusTaurus zodiac sign    April 21 - May 20

Cyclamen, primula, kalanchoe, saintpaulia, begonia, schefflera, pilea, gloxinia.

geminiGemini zodiac sign    May 21 - June 21

Asparagus, ivy, chlorophytum, fern, palm, cordyline, chamaedorea, wahoo, spiderwort, dieffenbachia.

cancerCancer zodiac sign    June 22 - July 22

Begonia, fittonia, peperomia, vriesia, hybrid fuchsia, kalanchoe beharensis drake, agave, aloe, myrtle.

leoLeo zodiac sign    July 23 - August 23

Acalipha, camellia, hibiscus, anthurium, geranium (pelargonium graveolens), syngonium, croton, gardenia, succulent, balsam, crassula ovata, clerodendrum.

virgoVirgo zodiac sign    August 24 - September 23

Аukuba, calathea, dracaena, aphelandra, rose, monstera deliciosa, syngonium, ficus pumila, kalanchoe, croton.

libraLibra zodiac sign    September 24 - October

Pineapple, lily, capsicum, schefflera, hibiscus, chamaedorea, selaginella, wahoo, gardenia, fatsia japonica, chrysanthemum (dendranthema) small flowered, piperomia, epiphyllum (orchid cactus), euphorbia, aloe, hydrangea, ivy.

scorpioScorpio zodiac sign    October 24 - November 22

Cactus, dracaena, aloe mitriform, yucca, Kafir lily, sansevieria/sansevieria trifasciata Prain, lemon, myrtle, olive-tree, fern, hoya.

sagittariusSagittarius zodiac sign    November 23 - December 21

Lemon, bonsai, Kafir lily, gardenia, azalea, cordyline, madagaskarpalme (pachypodium lamerei), tillandsia, rubber plant, vriesia, aphelandra, fittonia, arrowroot, calathea.

capricornCapricorn zodiac sign    December 22 - January

Сonifer, rhipsalidopsis, anthurium, yucca elephantipes, ficus, hoya, spiderwort, arrowroot, crassula ovata, сactus.

aquariusAquarius zodiac sign    January 21 - February 20

Maranta leuconeura, coleus blumei hybrid, calathea, fittonia argyroneura, tillandsia, guzmania, vriesia, madagaskarpalme (pachypodium lamerei), cordyline, ficus pumila, schefflera.

piscesPisces zodiac sign    February 21 - March 20

Bryophyllum, passion-flower, orchid, scirpus cyperinus, fern, bromeliaceae, croton, clumping fishtail palmbalsam, chlorophytum, rhipsalidopsis.

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