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Woman Likes

The following information will help you to attract, pick up woman and make her feel happy.
You will know what woman wants.



She likes






Friendly, Her great "like"!

Careful, Her great "like"!

Reliable, Her great "like"!




Men of humour, Her great "like"!

Tender and passionate in intimacy, Her great "like"!

Athletic, Her great "like"!
Statistics shows, that most women look at mans buttocks at first; firm, sexy ones are the first important determinants of attraction of the male torso.

Gentleman, Her great "like"!
Treat your woman with courtesy.
Open her car door, help to put a coat on and take it off, etc. Regular signs of attention are you advantages.

Magic thanks, my sweetheart will make her happy,
and accordingly feel great about you.

Attentive. Her great "like"!
Listen to your girl when she vents. Let her get the whole thing out.

Talk not only about common things, but about different ones, e.g. about travelling, ask her about countries she would like to visit, dream of a future. Hide a present for her in her room, a bit later phone her and say you have forgot something. in that place, ask her to check the place.
But do not shower gifts upon her from the beginning. You would certainly like she loves your heart, no your money.

Compliments. Her great "like"!

Keep in mind, the way to a woman's heart is through her ear.


Though chocoholics know no gender, it is fact that women crave chocolates smooth sweetness the most. Nevertheless, there are few women who remain indifferent to chocolates. Therefore, before presenting her a sweet one make sure of her craving.

Erotic massage.

When a man replace her in the kitchen.

To feel your lips more than twice a day.

Flowers, and not only because of birthday. Her great "like"!

Golden tips

To get a coffee from your hands in the morning. Her great "like"!

To know that you understand and share her inner life.

To be sure she is the only woman of your heart.  Her great "like"!


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