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Russian Samovar

Samovar (self-boiler) is a device for boiling water that combines a tea kettle with a heat source. It consists of a metal vessel placed over a brazier, and a funnel which penetrates through the vessel, heating the water in it during the samovar's operation. Samovar is a purely Russian invention. Russian Samovar appeared in the second quarter of XVIII century, and after a hundred years became an integral part of a tea-table in every Russian household, restaurant and hotel. Samovars had not only utilitarian but also "spiritual" function: they united people during long tea-drinking events disposing them to a peaceful talk. Many people consider samovar's tea the most tasty. Although samovars first appeared in the Urals, their production reached its height of glory in Tula, the old Russian town even more famous for its armoires, as well as for Tul'skie pr'aniki, Tula spice-cakes.


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