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Russian Food

about Russian food - Russian cuisine

Russian food is very tasty. Taste any Russian dish and you're going to taste it again. Traditional Russian cuisine - chi, blini, pel'meni. The dainties food: red or black soft caviar. Schi is a sort of cabbage soup, usually made with meat bouillon. Blini are sort of pancakes made from thin batter frizzled on a very hot frying pan. Bliny are always cooked for Shrovetide, the heathen festival preceding the Lent. Pel'meni are small lumps of minced meat wrapped in dough which are boiled in water or meat bouillon. It is a typical Siberian food. The most preferable soft drink in Russia is khlebny kvas. It's made from brown bread, which slakes thirst better than anything else. The most popular strong drink is vodka.


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