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There are about 143.3 million people in Russia (the data of 2002), 80% of whom are Russians (Slavs). Population Russia: more than a hundred different national and ethnic groups live in Russia. Population in Russia: the most numerous of them are Ukrainians and Tatars, as well as Armenians, Azerbaijanians, Kazakhs, Hebrews and Germans. The official (state) language throughout the whole territory of the Russian Federation is Russian. Monetary unit is ruble (RUB). Religions Most of the Russians are Orthodox Christians (the eastern branch of Christianity). Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, and Buddhism are also practiced in Russia.

Popular holidays: 1 January New Year 7 January the Nativity (Orthodox Christmas) 23 February Day of Motherland's Defender 8 March International Women's Day 9 May - Victory Day 12 June Day of Independence 7 November Day of Accord and Conciliation 12 December Day of Constitution of Russian Federation

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