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Moscow Russia

Moscow, the capital of Russia since Middle Ages, once yielded this status to St. Petersburg and it kept it for two hundred years (from 1712 to 1918).

There are a lot of versions of how Moscow came into being and all of them are quite distinct. A particularly interesting version of Moscow's appearance and its name was put forward by Ukrainian scribes in 17th century. They linked the emergence of the city with Biblical forefather Mosoch. The name Moscow came from Mosoch and his wife Kwa, the name of the river Yauza - from their son Ya and their daughter Vusa. Moscow was founded in 1147, but there is an evidence, that there has been a settlement here since Neolithic times.

Moscow history along with the city development was chaotic and strange. Moscow streets are full of this eclecticism: old mansions and temples often adjoin some pompous edifices of Soviet construction, and huge modern buildings neighbors unreally old tiny crooked huts. Even the names of numerous lanes reflect this spontaneous character of the city development and chaos that tsars in the city. One can say that some streets have a personality of their own with the names like Krivoy (Crooked), Krivokolenny (Cranked), Kosoy (Skew). Strange as it may sound but this wrongness gives Moscow its peculiar and unforgettable charm. On the contrary to Moscow, St. Petersburg was developed according to the general plan approved by its founder, Emperor Peter the Great. Its splendid streets, squares and embankments cant help but astonish every newcomer by the magic harmony of their precise and exquisite lines.

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