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about blini, blini recipes


The essential element is blini (slapjack, pancake). Blini (bliny) are sort of pancakes made from thin batter frizzled on a very hot frying pan. Blini are always cooked for Shrovetide, the heathen festival preceding the Lent. There are different recipes of blini. The truth is that every blini recipe is easy and very tasty. You may make them on any holidays. The blyn is a symbol of sun, as it is round, golden and warm. Blini (blyny) are served hot with butter, sour-cream, mushrooms, fish, caviar and so on. This all is washed down with tea and vodka, that flows like rivers. Russian soul is so given to feasting as to forget everything in joy. On the last Sunday of Pancake week people make a scarecrow - the symbol of winter , which is sledged along the streets so that people could say good-bye to winter. Then the scarecrow is publicly burned on the squares. Everyone can set fire to the scarecrow with a torch. The "zest" of the celebration is cooking of a giant pan-cake, which for it giant size could bit the Guinness record. The pancake is eaten by 5,5 thousand people and every year it groups larger and larger.

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Country Russia

Country Russia is a huge country, the largest country in the world. It is so huge that when residents of the Far East are getting up, Muscovites and Petersburgians are going to bed. The largest cities in Russia are Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moscow, the capital of Russia since Middle Ages, once yielded this status to St. Petersburg and it kept it for two hundred years (from 1712 to 1918). The Russians are unique nation, it gave birth to such writers as Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy, Gorky and Chekhov >>more



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