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Christmas is one of the most beloved holidays. As for me, Christmas is the holiday number 1. And believe me, I love Christmas even more than my Date of Birth. You will ask me: "Why?" Because it is the day when I can see many smiles in the streets, in the shops, everywhere... I love to see happy people, and such impression that Christmas holiday really makes every person happy, at least for the time of holidays celebration. The next reason is a big deal which Christmas makes for every family: you know that every son and daughter, every mother and father, every grandmother and grandfather...spend much more time and pay much more attention to their family. It's a pity that job takes too much time every day, but thanks to Christmas we can stop, relax, reunite and be in the best mood thank to communication with each other. Love, pranks, spirit, cheers, shopping, wrapping, giving and receiving are the close words-friends of Christmas. It is considered that if you wish something in the Christmas midnight, your dreams will come true. Also, I think that it's a good idea both to prepare gifts to others, and to present a gift to yourself. This holiday don't know the age, it is for everone! And there are so many inspirational stories people have for Christmas.


Whats Christmas without a little creativity? At Meeting Land youll find a variety of Christmas decoration ideas. Each of them creates a real festive mood and feeling of happiness. Just follow the link and try easy-to-make Christmas ideas >>

It is traditional to decorate the inside and outside of house with large numbers of Christmas lights. Click here to read more >>

What is a Christmas without the Christmas tree? Find useful information about Christmas trees >>

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