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Cellulite cause

Recent researches revealed that cellulite caused by gradual accumulation of liquid and toxic wastes in connective tissues.

Connective tissue is laced with fat cells and held in place by a network of fibers that protects our body, cushioning our muscles and organs; it is surrounded by a liquid that provides it with an effective waste system. When all is working well in the system, waste substances are removed and smooth curves result. When fats, fluids and toxins are trapped deep in the skin, the connective tissue thickens and hardens, cause cellulite, giving a dimpling effect.

One of the female organism features is transference of toxic wastes from the vital organs into those parts of the body where it is safer for an organism. That gradually causes cellulite there. Toxic wastes concentrate on the walls of male arteries, that causes cardiovascular diseases.

Do you have cellulite?

Press tissue between your thumb and finger. If it is "normal" fat, it will appear smooth, with no ripples. Ripples or bumps which look like "orange peel" caused by cellulite. Cellulite symptom: cellulite tissue is sensitive.

Negative factors cause cellulite.

1: Products that passed technological processing, smoking, conservation, and which contain preservatives or artificial food additives cause cellulite. The most part of toxic wastes, which the liver and large intestine cannot break down, are absorbed by a body where they act in the destructive way. Toxic wastes increase in number causing cellulite. The more clearance system is littered, the more toxic wastes circulate through body, causing and increasing the rippled appearance of cellulite.

2: Caffeine hampers assimilation of essential minerals, especially iron causing cellulite. Excessive amounts of caffeine make adrenal glands to produce much adrenalin (as a result, they become weak), affect the kidneys which help the body get rid of liquid waste.

Soluble coffee causes cellulite, it's more harmful because it is a product of long technological processing that transforms it into artificial product.

3: Alcohol influences the processes of metabolism in the body about the same way, as caffeine, causing cellulite: an instant increase of sugar quantity in blood, as a result, an organism has to work tensely to assimilate additional glucose.

4: Nicotine causes oxygen starvation of the organism, causing cellulite.

5: Lack of moving cause cellulite: provokes serious changes in muscular and bone structures, joints; cause a sluggish circulation, making it even harder for the blood and lymphatic system to get rid of toxins and send oxygen around the system. Cellulite usually concentrates in the place where circulation is cut off most. Not without reason the second name of cellulite is lifestyle illness.

6: Stress, excessive anxiety for many days cause delay and accumulation of toxic wastes in organism causing cellulite.

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