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Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Sign Cancer

Character of the people born under zodiac sign of Cancer can range from the timid, dull, shy and withdrawn to the most brilliant.
Cancer is a conservative and home-loving nature, appreciating the nest like quality of a secure base to which the male can retire when he needs a respite from the stresses of life, and in which Cancerian woman can exercise her strong maternal instincts. Cancer tends to have a large family.
Cancer people are sociable, at the same time they constantly need time to be solitary, and this is part of the apparent contradiction in their nature. Outwardly Cancer can appear unemotional, thick-skinned, uncompromising, purposeful, energetic, shrewd, intuitive and wise, sometimes with a philosophical profundity of thought verging on inspiration. Their intimates, however, may see a very different character, one with a sympathetic and kindly sensitivity to other people, especially those they love. Woman and man born under sign of Cancer are often over-imaginative and prone to fantasy, sometimes trying to shape their lives to fit some romantic ideal. Their sharp ears and talent for mimicry can sometimes give them success on the stage, though their tendency to be emotional may make them overact. In their personal relationships they are mentally a mixture of toughness and softness, often emotional and romantic to the point of sentimentality in their fantasies. Cancerians have a retentive memory, particularly for emotionally laden events which they can recall in detail for years afterwards. Both the Cancerian man and woman love unreservedly, giving much and asking little in return - in fact. Cancer people are also loyal friends.


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