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  1. What is Search at the dating site
  2. When I try to do an online search, I get back to the login error page and have to log in again. What can I do to prevent this?
  3. What should I do if the other Member can't send me photos online?
  4. When I do a search, I don't get any users - how come?
  5. How do I view a photo of the other member of the dating site?
  6. How many members should I write to, to ensure I get a response?

  1. What is Search at the dating site
    "Search" is a feature of the dating site which allows you to execute a search with a simple click of your mouse and find the people who fit what you are looking for.
    There are two types of Search: Prompt Search and Advanced Search.
    Prompt Search enables to access thousands of dating profiles onlione, including photos, ASAP. Everything for you: profiles database is renewed hourly; big variety of profiles, the majority have photos; handy interface.
    Advanced Search is an advanced version of the Prompt Search. Advanced Search enables you to specify more search criteria (i.e. state, city, height etc.), that can be combined in different ways. To use advanced search options you need to be a registered member of the Meeting Land. Click here to join us and meet your special someone today!

  2. When I try to do a search, I get back to the login error page and have to log in again. What can I do to prevent this?
    Most likely, you have a firewall or Internet Security program on your computer that is preventing server information from getting to your computer. This is information such as your saved search criteria, email, you've been browsed...etc.
    None of the information that we send to you is harmful in any way to your computer and we do not use any information gathered for marketing purposes. Your privacy is 100% maintained. Try the following solution:
    1) Open your Norton Internet Security panel, click the [Options] button and select Internet Security.
    2) Select the Web Content tab and click the [Add Site] button.
    3) Type in the address of our site and click OK. (i.e. )
    4) After our site has been added, make sure it is highlighted and click the "Use Default Settings" tick box for "Information about visited sites" to remove the tick. Then click the [Permit radio] button and lastly the [OK] button. This will allow our site to verify that you are viewing the images legally and display them whenever you visit. If this does not help, check the following:
    For Explorer 6.0, on the toolbar of your browser, click on tools, then Internet Options. On the Security Tab, set your Internet Security to medium-low. On the privacy Tab, set your privacy setting to Medium. This will allow you to read cookies from other sites which will allow you to navigate this site.
    Email us if you still have problems and quote to us:
    1) Browser and version of browser (i.e. Internet Explorer 6.0).
    2) Name of Firewall software being used.
    3) Name of Antivirus being used.
    4) Name of Internet Security software being used.

  3. What should I do if the other Member can't send me photos online?
    Request a photo. It gives you a good idea of the person's appearance. If you are looking for serious relationship the photo is of great importance. In fact, its best to view several images of your new friend in a variety of settings: casual, indoor, outdoors and formal. If he (or she) continuously comes up with an excuse, it may be because that person has something to hide. Meeting Land scans in photos for free. You can say him/her about it. There really aren't any good excuses for not scanning a photo.

  4. When I do an online search, I don't get any users. How come?
    We have thousands of members - single people looking for their soulmates - with criteria in every category so its almost impossible not to get some matches.
    This problem may be due to:
    1) Your browser cookies are not enabled.
    To fix this for Microsoft Explorer: on the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click "Internet Options". Click the "Security tab". Click the zone for which you want to set the cookies security level. Click "Customize Level". For each type of cookie, choose one of the following:
    To specify that you want Internet Explorer to accept cookies without prompting you first, click "Enable".
    2) You may be using an older browser. Please use Microsoft Explorer 7.0 for best results.

  5. How do I view a photo in the dating profile?
    If a Member has a photo (photos), his profile will contain it (them) at the top of that members profile summary.
    Search option enables to see the 1st photo from the list. Open the profile - and you'll see other photos if they were placed in that profile.

  6. How many members should I write to, to ensure I get a response?
    Start with about 12 members you like. Then sit back and see how it goes, and the number of replies you get.

    Starting your reply is easy with an opening such as: "I have read your profile and found you are most intriguing (interesting, exciting...)" or "Your profile interested me to the point where I had to contact you right away to find out what we have in common", "You are so beautiful!!!" Online personals have been created for the member to act anonymously while investigating the possibilities of friendship, penpal, leisure, love and for finding that someone special to spend your life with. Using your thoughts and feelings with expressive words will allow you to reach your destination of finding that someone special, faster and easier than you would be able to in any other situation.

    If you don't get many replies, revise your message and try again. You can also reread your profile to make sure all the information is filled out completely and in the best way. Online dating requires persistence in order to be successful. You should also have a photo posted on the site if you wish to get more responses.

    Our studies have shown you can get up to 10 times more responses if you have photos in your dating profile. So we recommend you to spend some time choosing the best of your photos and then place them in your personal profile at the site.

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