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  1. How do I get my information into the system?
  2. How do I make best use of this service?
  3. How do I find other people on here?
  4. Do soulmates really exist?
  5. I'm 50 years old. Is it too late for love?
  6. I'm 32 y.o. and my penpal is a woman of 40 y.o. She makes me feel so wonderful!!! I feel that I'm falling in love with her. Is it ok about dating older women?
  7. How do I get into my homepage?
  8. When I click on a banner ad, how do I return to the chat room?
  9. I have AOL and my login will not work! What can I do?


  1. How do I get my information into the system?
    The first step is to register for a free profile at the dating site
    Once you have created your dating profile, upload a picture of yourself using the "Place photos" link on your Homepage. To get into your Homepage you should type your email address and password in the Login form. Don't post pictures of you in a group. Use pictures that highlight your best features. When you are done completing your profile, use "Search" option to find people who share your interests and lifestyle.

  2. How do I make best use of this service?
    Don't wait! Just act! Take advantages of the free membership - search, write, read, send. And, certainly, upload the best pictures of yourself.
    - You can read more about benefits here

    Browsing through the personal classifieds can be frustrating if you donít know what qualities or the type of personality it is that you are searching for in the person you are seeking, or in the relationship you are seeking.
    Questions you need to ask yourself are:
    "Why are you searching for someone?"
    "Do you want a serious relationship or just to make friends with someone new with the hopes of dating, a companion or/and a pen pal...?"
    "Who are you looking for, are you searching for someone young, old, divorced, widowed, single, married, tall, short, thin, stout, and the list goes on to include all personal choices and preferences in people."
    Ok, you've found someone who matches your profile and interests. What to do now? Write an email to introduce yourself and let that person know you are interested. Find below some possible email subjects to break the ice and find out what else you and your match have in common:

    • Comment on why you are interested in their profile,
      e.g.: "Your eyes are so beautiful! Please let me see them". You can also add a bit of humor.
    • Comment on what you have to offer.
    • Comment on their hobbies and interests.
    • Ask their to name a favourite color, music, film, actor, recipe, food, etc.
    • Give them a nice compliment.
    • Share a common belief with your match.
    • Talk about a recent news story relevant to something in their profile.
    • Did something in their dating profile remind you of a great story? Share it!

      also recommends you to practice caution and common sense. Careful, well-thought decisions generally lead to better results in dating, and this is certainly true with online dating too. Donít fall in love at the click of a mouse. Be selective. Remember that there are people ideally matching the role of lover, for fun, only not a serious relationship. Ask questions and make sure you are satisfied with the answers. Be sure people have the same viewpoint about relationship. If your new friend says he/she wants marry you, but you are not sure if this woman/man is your soul mate, let her/him know that you want to get to know her/him and experience a relationship before you consider anything serious.
        Pick up the phone. A phone call can provide valuable insight into a personís communication and social skills. Do not give out your personal phone number. Instead, try a cell phone number or make arrangements to call from a pay phone. Send your phone number when you feel comfortable doing so.
        Meet when ready. Online dating service provides interchange of emails that allows to realize whether a person is your soulmate, without having to date. There is never an obligation to meet anyone and you can always change your mind if you do decide to arrange a meeting.
      Stay away from people exhibiting behavior such as demeaning or disrespectful comments. Watch out for if a person provides inconsistent information on physical and personality characteristics, refuses a phone conversation after establishing an online relationship, people only call you, not allowing you to call them, doesn't provide direct answers to direct questions. At the same time don't be too judgmental. Open a dialogue and try to evaluate finally the person while first e-mail exchanges. Any dating relationship has stumbling-blocks. If you're really serious about dating, you'll overcome them and get what you are looking for.

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  3. How do I find other people on here?
    Search our database for just the person you have in mind: young or old, divorced, single or married, etc.

  4. Do soulmates really exist?
    We believe everyone has a soulmate waiting for them. Meeting Land provides dating service for single men and single women. It was designed to bring singles together for the shortest period of time. Moreover, Meeting Land helps people of all styles of life to meet new friends locally and all over the world. Use our dating site and learn how to meet new people. God intended that you should be together with the one who shares your interests, your thoughts, your dreams, your belief... Your Love may be waiting for you right now. Leave your worries behind! Find your Love here with just a few clicks.
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  5. I'm 50 years old. Is it too late for love?

    Love knows no age boundaries. It's never too late to meet your soulmate. Take a few minutes to register at Meeting Land and you'll meet thousands of single women and men in no time. Your soulmate may be waiting for you now.

  6. I'm 32 y.o. and my penpal is a woman of 40 y.o. She makes me feel so wonderful!!! I feel that I'm falling in love with her. Is it ok about dating older women?
    Dating older women is no longer a controversial issue according to a recent study of women in their 40's to 60's. Nearly one third of older women admit to dating men younger than themselves. It's ok!.. Be honest with yourself and your honey, and remember to tell her about your love! Be happy!

  7. How do I get into my homepage?
    You can get into your homepage in the the following ways:
    a) Simply log in on the  , i.e. type your email address and password in the "Member Login" form;
    b) Find the link [My Account] on the menubar and click it, then log in.

  8. When I click on a banner ad, how do I return to the Meeting Land?
    The banner area displays banners that may be of interest to you as a member of the community. You can click on a banner and instantly be transported to a website that will tell you more about the product or service featured in the banner. In most cases, clicking on a banner opens up a new browser window, so you can continue using Meeting Land while searching out new sites in the new browser window.

  9. I have AOL and my login don't work! What can I do?
    AOL has historically had a hard time reading sites that use cookies.
    Note: cookies are small files that contain user information such as buddy lists, emails, instant messages.
    Meeting Land uses cookies to give unique information to the member as he/she moves around the site.
    Solution: Use Internet Explorer as your browser. Click on "start" on the bottom left of your screen, then "programs", then "Internet Explorer". Once you have your browser up, type in  in the address field at the top of the window to get to the site.

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